Elite Metal-ARE-epub

Elite Metal-ARE-epub by Jennifer Kacey Read Free Book Online

Book: Elite Metal-ARE-epub by Jennifer Kacey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Kacey
you from Warbucks.”
    “Have you met him?”
    “Who Warbucks? No. No one meets Warbucks.”
    “And yet you’ll do what he says? Why?”
    “The same reason as you. Korovin has to be stopped. And Red Wolf most of all. No matter what.”
    He gazed down at her several long seconds then ran his hand down the length of her braid. He pulled her closer. “Rest, little wife.”
    Rest. As if she could sleep surrounded by him. The man was as hard as a rock with muscles packed on top of muscles. As they were seated earlier, she’d been able to make out a new tattoo through the white of his t-shirt. He had been inked with the evening before upon acceptance of his mission. Only a day old, and the image of a motorcycle engine with wings and flames already healed nicely.
    Her right arm was locked between her abdomen and his, while her left arm rested across his lap and the weighty bulge behind the fly of his jeans. If she moved her hand an inch to the right, her palm would lie flat against the shaft, and she wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to touch him.
    Apparently Steele had no such difficulties in relaxing. A few minutes later he was asleep, his breathing smooth and steady. After a quick glance up to confirm his eyes were closed, Alayna finally released the tension in her posture and melted into his embrace and the details of her mission raced through her mind.
    A sex club. Of all the places Korovin liked to spend his free time, it had to be a sex club. Not that she was prudish when it came to sex. Quite the opposite in fact. She loved sex, the rougher the better, which had confused many of her former lovers. Weren’t men supposed to be sex-hungry all of the time and want a tigress in the bedroom? Not the men she had gone out with apparently. The few who hadn’t been intimidated by her need to be dominated had been run off by the demands of her job. They hadn’t been able to reconcile the woman who would eagerly allow them to bind her hands and spank her ass was the same woman who was able to scissor kick them to the floor and put a bullet between their eyes if need be.
    Working undercover for the CIA took so much of her concentration, when she had brief respites, she didn’t want to think anymore. She craved letting go and just living for the moment. Why was that so hard for some people to understand?
    But Steele…she had a feeling Steele was going to command her body in ways she had only dreamed. Therein lay the problem. How was she going to be able to focus on detaining Korovin when her body was wet and aching for Steele’s possession?
    Even now, while he slept, a lascivious craving raced through her veins. She wanted to kneel and run her hands over his skin and watch as they flexed and rippled. She wanted to taste the salt of his skin. Press her nose against the base of his neck and inhale his spicy, manly scent. Most of all she was fascinated by the rings beneath his t-shirt.
    The cotton stretched so tight over his chest, she’d noticed the nipple rings as soon as he’d stepped into the conference room earlier. Piercings on a man had never done anything for her in the past, but on Steele it pushed his sexiness from scorching hot to obliterating inferno.
    And right at that moment with that little ring right in front of her nose was taunting her with the need to explore. She shot a glance up at his face. He was still asleep with his eyes closed and lips slightly parted.
    Did she dare?
    She licked at the dryness of her lips then opened her mouth and breathed out a hot gust of air. On the next breath she pursed her lips and blew out a cool stream and delighted in seeing the nipple bead harder against the fabric of his shirt. Again she blew a hot gust then a cool stream and watched with rapt attention as the bud grew tighter and tighter.
    Sweet heavens, she could come just by playing with the man’s nipples. Between her thighs, her pussy creamed and she desperately wanted to shift in her seat to relieve the ache, but

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