Enchanted, A Paranormal Romance / Fantasy (Forever Charmed)

Enchanted, A Paranormal Romance / Fantasy (Forever Charmed) by Rachel Wells Read Free Book Online

Book: Enchanted, A Paranormal Romance / Fantasy (Forever Charmed) by Rachel Wells Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rachel Wells
she amended.
    They got their orders and took it to the little hill on the side lawn and sat in the grass to eat, as all the picnic tables were already taken. Mandy began to unwind a bit. All of Ally’s friends seemed harmless enough. Accepting even. Thankfully they didn’t bombard her with too many questions, but instead quietly talked among themselves for the most part, allowing Mandy to eat in peace without being the star of the evening.
    As she ate she let the others’ conversations drift in and out of her ears. The boys were mostly talking about the latest Red Sox triumphs and failures. The girls talked about the upcoming school year and the new wardrobes they were planning on buying. They were trying to plan a shopping trip to the outlet stores in Kittery. “Saturday?” Sami asked.
    “Ugh, I’m out. Mandy and I are both on the schedule to work,” Ally groaned.
    “Well maybe next weekend then,” Sami answered.
    “How’s working with your grandma, Mandy?” Henry asked, all eyes and attention suddenly averted to Mandy.
    “Um, not bad, really,” Mandy answered, wanting to crawl underneath the nearest rock. It was easier to sit here and not talk then it was to have all ears turned towards her.
    “Learning any trade secrets ?” Henry pushed.
    “Trade secrets? What, you mean like how to cut the stems at an angle to give them a longer life?” Mandy shot back, confused.
    Jack snorted under his breath, but Henry went on, “No, you know what they say about your grandma…”
    “No, I don’t. Why don’t you enlighten me?”
    Henry looked at Jack and Mandy thought she saw Ally shake her head slightly in his direction. It was quiet for a moment before he continued. “Have you ever heard of Mary Nasson?”
    “I don’t think so,” Mandy shook her head.
    “Well, your grandma, so then you too, are supposed to be a descendent of hers.”
    “And?” Mandy asked perplexed.
    “And Mary Nasson was supposedly a witch here in York in the 1700’s.”
    “An herbalist, actually,” Steve corrected quietly.
    All eyes flew to Mandy’s face to look for some sign of confirmation or denial or shock.
    Mandy gasped a bit, speechless and stunned. “A witch? C’mon guys, there’s no such thing!” A nervous laugh escaped her mouth. The laughter sounded false and too high, but the rest took Mandy’s cue and tried to laugh it off as well. All except Henry. His face was solemn, firm even.
    He shook his head and then answered, “Isn’t there? Grampa is convinced your grandma knows more than she lets on. He goes to your grandma’s shop every week to buy yellow daisies because he believes they bring him luck. He believes your grandma does something to those damn flowers, like casts a spell or something. He insists it’s true, and he insists your grandma is well aware of what she is.”
    Mandy stared at Henry, grasping for something to say. Was he serious? What was going on here? She felt she was on the verge of matching up a puzzle piece to the confusing week suddenly. Her brain was struggling frantically to find the piece and to find her something to say so that could quit staring at Henry like a simpleton. Finally another awkward laugh slipped out, shocking Mandy. She reached up to cover her mouth, surprised that it was her own voice she heard laughing. “Good one Henry!” she exclaimed, still laughing and shaking her head. “How’d you know I like ghost stories?”
    Henry’s eyes burned into her face, but finally a smile crept over his face and he joined in the laughter. The group finished their ice creams and climbed back into Steve’s car, making no more mention of the supposed legend. Mandy breathed a sigh of relief that that was over, whatever it was. Initiation of some sort? The van pulled back into town and the group said goodbye and the kids dispersed back to their own vehicles, making plans to meet up again soon. “You too, Mandy. Ally will keep you filled in,” Henry had specifically commented in what

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