Engaging the Boss (Heirs of Damon)

Engaging the Boss (Heirs of Damon) by Noelle Adams Read Free Book Online

Book: Engaging the Boss (Heirs of Damon) by Noelle Adams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Noelle Adams
focused on her now, and she was so close she
could see very faint stubble on his chin, even though she knew he’d shaved just
an hour ago.
acting like I just work with you,” she whispered sharply. “You’re supposed to
be in love with me. I know it’s hard, but can you at least try to pretend
you’re crazy about me?”
stared at her for a moment, evidently startled at her defiance. He had reason
to be, since she’d never talked to him that way before. Not once.
were standing in the entry hall while the new arrivals were being greeted—the
man who must be Andrew was hugging Marietta so enthusiastically he’d picked her
up. It really wasn’t the time for a fight. Sarah should have brought it up
later, and she shouldn’t have been so vehement. He was still her boss.
she really didn’t want to lose her dream job.
eyes were strange—focused, alive in a way she only saw when he was caught up in
research. He didn’t respond though. He just reached over, took her face in one
of his big hands, and leaned into a kiss.
was so shocked she couldn’t respond immediately. Then she felt a wave of
pleasure wash over her as his mouth moved against hers.
wrapped one arm around his neck instinctively and melted against him.
he pulled away, she was dazed and breathless and in danger of oozing into a
boneless heap on the floor.
that better?” he demanded.
slapped her back into focus. “That’s fine,” she said, turning away from him,
flustered. She saw that the others had seen them kissing, which was probably
good for their scheme but made her flush hotly just the same.
looked a lot like Harrison but had green eyes instead of brown and was quicker
to laugh, quicker to grin. Sarah liked him immediately when he greeted Jonathan
enthusiastically with a handshake that turned into a half-hug and told her
good-naturedly that his cousin didn’t deserve someone so smart and beautiful.
wasn’t true, but it was really nice that he’d said it.
when she shook hands with Laurel, whom he introduced to her in a way that
somehow conveyed her preciousness, Sarah was immediately intimidated.
was as tall and slender as a model, and she was stunningly beautiful, with dark
hair, dark eyes, and sculpted cheekbones that looked faintly Native American.
smiled as they were introduced, but she seemed a lot more aloof than Marietta.
made Sarah feel, even in her pretty new clothes, like a frumpy plebian.
and Marietta were obviously close, which made Sarah feel even more like an
outsider. She was used to feeling that way—she had all the time at school—but
she’d been feeling more comfortable with herself lately, even that morning, so
the realization hit her like a blow.
withdrew, standing beside Jonathan, who looked like he’d rather be elsewhere as
well. She was grateful when he put an arm around her waist, even though she
knew it was just part of their pretense.
chatted for a while in the entry hall, about the storm, about the trip, about
details of the wedding. Laurel was going to be the maid-of-honor and evidently
took her role seriously. She pulled out a file folder with all of her duties
organized with print-outs and to-do lists.
Gordon suggested that Andrew and Laurel might want to get settled, so the group
went back into the breakfast room, to get his coffee and journal Sarah assumed.
She was going to follow him when Marietta stopped her.
and I are going shopping this afternoon for wedding things. Please say you’ll
come with us.”
Marietta had been just being polite, Sarah wouldn’t have accepted, but the
other woman’s expression was open and sincere.
if she really did want Sarah to come along.
you,” she said. “I’d love to.” She didn’t really want to spend another day
shopping, but hanging out with the women might be easier than trying to

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