Erotic Amusements

Erotic Amusements by Justine Elyot Read Free Book Online

Book: Erotic Amusements by Justine Elyot Read Free Book Online
Authors: Justine Elyot
isn’t happening again. Not that I didn’t enjoy it…”
    “Why can’t it happen again? We both enjoyed it. Nobody needs to know.”
    “I’ve enough risk in my life, thanks.”
    “So you don’t want to risk Daddy finding out, then?”
    “Like I said.”
    “We really shouldn’t have done this. I’ve got the most terrible tendency to just blurt things out without thinking. It’s mad—I just open my mouth and the words spill. At the most random times. Usually in front of the completely wrong people.” She squeezed his thigh. “I think you know how to keep my mouth shut though, Rocky.”
    “Are you…blackmailing me?” He sounded amused, one sweat-slicked eyebrow cocked at her.
    “I wouldn’t call it blackmail.” She pinched; he winced and slapped his hand down on hers.
    “I would. You fucked-up little bitch. Do you need it that badly?”
    “Oh yes, I do. I really do. You’re such a big, handsome beast. I want more of you.” She put her free hand down to her leaking pussy and coated her fingers with some of his spunk, then put them to her mouth, licking them extravagantly. “Mmm, delicious. Lovely, lovely fuck juice.”
    “You’re…insane,” he said, eyes popping. His tired cock was twitching, though.
    “Mad for lust. Lust for you. I need you inside me as often as I can get you.”
    “You horny little tramp.” He swung her up and over him so she was straddling his hips, facing away from him. “Suck it till it’s hard and perhaps you can have some more.”
    Laura obliged, even dry-throated as she was, charming his snake with her sealed lips and flickering tongue while he worked his fingers at her sodden, sore quim. Once he was hard, they fucked again, long and leisurely, taking care not to aggravate their sex-war wounds. And they’d been fucking at regular intervals ever since.
    She thought that was what she wanted. Hard body, hard cock, secret fucking on demand. But lately it was just…not enough. The lust that carried them through their healthy mutual loathing seemed weaker. He had lost his fire. He went through the motions; that was all. He wants out, but I can’t bring myself to let him go.
    And he was late—though only by five minutes. Laura could see him walking along the pier, a lean length of black underneath all the coloured neon, in no hurry by the look of things. By degrees his features sharpened and became distinct. He was frowning.
    “Laura,” he called down the steps.
    “About time,” she said, climbing up to meet him. “So where to, then? Up to the woods again?” His stony face was frightening her and she tried to turn on the vamp, but it didn’t come out right. Her voice was too brittle and she was trying too hard. “I want to tie you to a tree again. Like that time before…you remember that, don’t you?”
    “Laura, I’m sorry,” he said. She wanted to put her hands over her ears and sing Lalala . Don’t be sorry. Be horny. Be hot for me . “I can’t do this anymore.”
    “What do you mean? Why the hell not?”
    He took a deep breath, looked out to sea for a minute, then looked back at Laura. She had never seen him with a grave expression before. She didn’t like it.
    “Because I think we should be free to meet people who are better for us.”
    “Oh. You’ve met someone. You’re fucking someone else.”
    “Laura, I’ve been fucking other people all along. And so have you, I’m sure. But yes. I’ve met someone I’d like to…really try and…Fuck it, everything sounds like a cliché in these situations, doesn’t it? What if I say it isn’t you, it’s me. That’s not true, though. It is you. And me.” Rocky twisted his hands helplessly, obviously desperate to get away.
    “Who is she?” she demanded, tossing her head. “What has she got that I haven’t?”
    His eyes hardened and his lip curled. “I like her,” he said, seeming to enjoy the cruelty of it.
    “Oh, a nice girl,” she parried, spoiling for the fight now. “Not really your

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