EroticTakeover by Tina Donahue Read Free Book Online

Book: EroticTakeover by Tina Donahue Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tina Donahue
“You think? I thought I was being kind
of wimpy.”
    Him? Wimpy? Never. Strength and authority simply burned
within him. “You’re a nice man. No harm in that. If I haven’t said thank you
before, I am now. I really appreciate what you did with my car. You probably
shouldn’t have. It’ll probably take me until I’m sixty to pay you back.”
    “That long, huh?” His eyebrows lifted. “Guess I’ll just have
to work you harder so I can get my money sooner.” With a playful smile, he
strolled down the street.
    Jodi joined him like a good little assistant…and a woman
drawn by his irresistible appeal. In the light of the streetlamps, Mac looked
like a hero of a supernatural romance. Dangerously handsome with a dark heart
but a good soul. Threads of moonlight graced his chiseled features and the
rugged planes of his body. His movements were fluid, well-oiled, a guy who was
comfortable in his own skin.
    She envied the woman who’d finally snare him.
    Mac studied the building numbers and made a right for her
place. When they’d reached her porch, Jodi stated the obvious.
    “This is it.” She cleared her throat, surprised at how her
words had caught. “What time do you want me to be ready tomorrow?”
    He studied her eyes then her mouth. “Early.”
    Confused and more than a little unsettled, she managed a
wobbly smile. “Such as?”
    Mac didn’t say. Already close, he edged nearer. Jodi’s pulse
thumped in her temples and throat. She could have moved back but didn’t, even
though nothing blocked her.
    He murmured, “Want me to check out your place? Make certain
it’s safe?”
    If he came inside, it wouldn’t be. There’d be no stopping
what she wanted to do with him. She’d be worse than Krista, tackling him to the
floor, begging him to want her. At last, she edged back. “Thanks, but I’m sure
it’s fine.”
    Mac didn’t look convinced but finally nodded. “See you
tomorrow morning.”
    He turned then stopped and regarded her for a long moment.
The breeze ruffled the ends of his hair. Moonlight sparkled in his eyes,
bringing out a bit of the blue. Jodi told herself to dig out her house key and
open the door but didn’t have the will to do so. Looking at him was too nice.
Catching his scent too enticing.
    With a soft smile, Mac advanced again until their bodies
nearly touched. He rested his hands on either side of her face and stroked her
cheeks with his thumbs.
    Jodi forgot to breathe. Stunned, aroused and completely lost
in the wonder of him, she closed her eyes and parted her lips as Mac lowered
his mouth to hers.

Chapter Four
    He was gentler than he’d intended to be or could endure for
long. Mac’s only reason for making his first move so subdued was that he didn’t
want to alarm Jodi. The moment she decided he was being too rough, she might
pull back or push him away.
    No fucking chance he’d let that happen.
    Her mouth was too seductive. Not only ungodly soft but loose
beneath his. Her flowery fragrance made him think of her again in an
old-fashioned, age-yellowed portrait. In the image, her hair would be longer,
the ends dangling above her lavish breasts, her nipples puckered from her
arousal and excitement at posing so shamelessly.
    He imagined her in a frilly corset drawn tightly around her
waist, the satiny fabric not doing much to hide her lush nudity. Instead, it
would display her pale breasts and ass for his use, her punishment. The thought
of disciplining her thickened Mac’s blood. He could almost hear the crack of
his palm or a strap against her succulent cheeks, followed by her sounds of
submission and desire.
    A growl caught in the back of his throat, a sound Mac didn’t
dare let out until he was certain she wanted at least a portion of what he’d
been fantasizing about. His tongue glided over the seam of her mouth, testing,
teasing, then slipped inside gradually, opening her to him.
    Her taste and wet heat made his legs rubbery. His knees
bumped into

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