Escapades of an Erotic Spy - Part 1 A Spy is Born

Escapades of an Erotic Spy - Part 1 A Spy is Born by Lexington Manheim Read Free Book Online

Book: Escapades of an Erotic Spy - Part 1 A Spy is Born by Lexington Manheim Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lexington Manheim
Tags: Romance, Historical, Sex, Erotic, Interracial, multiracial, nude, intercourse, international intrigue, cabaret
happy—when it happened. The unexpected sound of a key in
a lock. The door bursting open. The rush of heavy footsteps. We
were under attack.
    Four men charged into the room, three of
them wearing sheriff's deputies' uniforms. Someone must have seen
me sneaking in and called the cops. I shrieked and pulled the
covers tight against my naked body. Beau shot out of bed, nude but
ready to defend against who-knows-what. However, there was no
defense available. One of the deputies—a fat man with a chaw of
tobacco in his mouth—gave a look of disgust first to me then to
    "Under the laws of the Commonwealth of
Virginia," the fat deputy drawled, "you're under arrest for
violation of anti-miscegenation law."
    "It's not miscegenation," protested Beau.
"We're not married."
    "Then it's illicit
fornication, at the very least. We'll leave that to the courts."
The deputy didn't blink an eye. "You should be ashamed, boy. With
one o' her kind!"
    I suppose this is as good a
time as any to confess that, in addition to my little tendency to
occasionally embellish stories, I also sometimes neglect to include
certain details, like—and this one's kind of important here—my skin
color. I'm not a white girl, if that's what you were thinking. At
least, not according to the definitions found in the laws that
forbid the mixing of non-white races with white ones. Some states
say it only takes "a single drop" of non-white blood. With me,
there's more than a drop. You see, while my mother is white, my
father was a black man, and my light caramel toned skin was clear
indication of it. So, to the world, that made me a woman who's half
white and half black. But, believe me, there in that Virginia hotel
room, there was nothing halfway about anything. I was in a whole lot of
    A young, skinny deputy rooted through my
    "What've we got here?" He pulled out my new
green dress and held it out for display. "Ain't that purty."
    "That'd look mighty nice on my little
Imogene." The fat deputy took the garment roughly in his pudgy
fingers. "Too bad no white woman would wear it now. Not after it's
been on her."
    Truthfully, other than trying it on in the
store where I bought it, I hadn't even had a chance to wear it yet.
I doubt that would have prevented the fat deputy from doing what he
did next, which was hurl the dress in a heap into a corner of the
room. I never did get to wear that dress. In fact, after that
night, I never saw it again.
    "Both of you, get your clothes on," he
    Four days later, I sat across a narrow pine
table from my mother, who had come to the jail where I was being
held. Shortly after my arrest, I contacted her about my predicament
by telephoning her laundry partner. She was one of the few people
in the neighborhood who had a telephone. In a corner of the dingy
yellow cube that served as the visiting room was a guard who passed
his time mostly by reading a newspaper. He displayed no interest in
our conversation.
    "I talked to the judge this morning," my
mother whispered. "He's willing to go easy on you if you
    "Cooperate how?"
    "It's the boy they're really interested in.
They want to make an example of him so other college boys don't get
any ideas. Apparently, the chancellor of the university is fit to
be tied."
    "It wasn't just his idea. I—"
    "Shhh!" She held an index finger to her lips
and glanced in the direction of the disinterested guard. "As far as
anyone's concerned, you're just an impressionable girl who got
swept up by the glamour of the boy. And, lucky for you, this judge
is of the mind that girls have little to no self-restraint when it
comes to such things. So here's what's going to happen. You're
going to be released today with a summons to appear in court for
trial next month. In addition to answering your own charges,
they'll expect you to testify that this boy seduced you. You'll
have to bring along whatever letters he sent you. I'm told they've
already got the ones you sent to him. I

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