Evanescere: Origins

Evanescere: Origins by Vanessa Buckingham Read Free Book Online

Book: Evanescere: Origins by Vanessa Buckingham Read Free Book Online
Authors: Vanessa Buckingham
so new to this life and there was so much
for me to learn. It is not like I took a class on how to be a vampire in
college. No one tells you how to hunt like a vampire. Another thought crossed
my mind and I asked it aloud for him.
    “Are we going hunting
dressed like this?” I asked him.
    “There is nothing wrong
with the way you are dressed. I will have to take you shopping though. I did
not anticipate, creating anyone, much less having a woman at my side. This was
the only thing I could find at such a late hour,” he responded. I noted a note
of sadness in his voice. I put this aside. I did not think I wanted to hear the
story behind his sadness.
    “It is beautiful; it
would be a shame to ruin it,” I said.
    “I doubt you will cause
it any damage,” he said, confident in his answer.
    With that final word we
were off into the dark streets of New Orleans. We moved very swiftly. So fast
human eyes would not see us fly by. Everything was a blur as we walked through.
The bright lights of New Orleans blurred, had I taken the time to take a
picture it would have appeared like a motion blur. I felt the thrill of the
speed of my new life. I felt free, like I could do anything or be anything I
wanted to be. I felt like I could fly, but at the same time I was mourning
everything I had lost. I did not know if I would ever see my family again. I
avoided such heavy thoughts for now. I will think about it later.
    I had so many questions for Jack and I figured he
would answer my questions along the way. I was still curious about his

GRASP on my arm, in anticipation of what I was not sure. I looked at him and
for the first time I noticed his eyes were a golden brown. The also had green
specks in them. They were soft and warm. As he looked at me, I looked down at
my arm. He chuckled and gently told me it was just in case my instinct takes
over. I slowly nod my head in acceptance, not entirely too sure by what he
meant. I guessed I would soon find out.
    Silently we walk, not knowing where, but I knew I
would follow him. Lost in my thoughts, I avoided the one thought, that one
emotion that would make me break. I looked to Jack, for diversion.
    “Jack, how do we hunt?” I
asked him questioningly.
    “Use your senses. For
instance, tell me what do you smell?”
    “I smell azalea’s,
perfumes, the different muskiness emitting from the warm bodies of Bourbon
Street.” With that I caught a smell, a delicious warm scent. I closed my eyes
and I felt the soft beat of a heart. I made to go for my prey when I felt Jack
grab my arm before I had taken two steps. I snarl at him and he laughs at me.
    “ Mon Cherie, next
time. I want to take you somewhere as you recall, I mentioned having a gift for
you. I believe you will appreciate the gift I have for you. It took a day or so
to find it,” he told me in a playful manner.
    I did not understand his
cryptic statement, but I was somehow sure I would soon find out what he meant. I
was curious about his surprise. In my previous life I loved to receive
surprises, which were rare, but I appreciated them so much more. Right now, I
felt scared for some reason, there was some sort of anticipation in the pit of
my stomach. I was unsure of my future. How would I continue without my
children? Maybe after I hunted and fed, I will understand why I am suddenly a
threat to my very own flesh and blood.  
    I compose myself and
follow him. He looks at me as if I am about to shatter. I shake my head and
smile. He leads me to the St. Louis Cemetery. It is dark outside still but I
could feel the rays of the early morning sun not yet visible. I hear the
familiar creak of the gates opening. I don’t understand why he brought me here,
but the creaking of the gate was vaguely familiar. I unsure why it seemed so
familiar to me. It is so peaceful and beautiful.
    We walk through the
cemetery in no particular direction, left one minute, straight for another.
Just walking

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