Faces of Evil [2] Impulse

Faces of Evil [2] Impulse by Debra Webb Read Free Book Online

Book: Faces of Evil [2] Impulse by Debra Webb Read Free Book Online
Authors: Debra Webb
Tags: fiction suspense
surface would be an even bigger mistake than going with the wrong one.
    “I, for one,” Griggs spoke up, “have confidence Agent Harris knows what she’s talking about. Five young women who survived as much as three weeks being held hostage would agree with me.” He turned to Jess. “Agent Harris, I’ve just sent a message to my second in command and asked him to organize as many teams as possible to hit those same type locations in the county. I’m sure BPD has its hands full with covering Birmingham and the various surrounding communities. We’ll call in our auxiliary deputies. Whatever we have to do, we’ll do it.”
    Jess nodded, the emotions tearing at her composure shadowing her face. “Thank you, sheriff.”
    “We’re about to go public,” Deputy Chief Harold Black from the Crimes Against Persons Division spoke up, “with a 25K reward for anyone with information leading us to Detective Wells’ location and/or the person responsible for her abduction. We expect that reward to increase substantially over the next twenty-four hours. This initial reward is coming from the North Alabama Police Officers Association. They are, as we speak, rallying their members to help with the search.”
    “That kind of help is what we need.” Dan was damned glad to have all the boots on the ground he could get.
    The men and women of the NAPOA, all retired police officers, with the proper training, could contribute greatly to the search. Gina Coleman, his top contact with the local media, was directing the news releases – including a blitz featuring a rendered drawing created from Spears’ photo since the Bureau warned that using the actual photo opened all involved in the investigation to a law suit. That was a point Dan couldn’t ignore.
    Gina wanted a sound bite from Dan later today if he could make the time.
    “We have flyers going up all over the city,” Deputy Chief Hogan of Patrol Division added.
    With the ball rolling and Manning settled down, Dan prepared to take his seat.
    “Chief Burnett, I apologize for interrupting.” Tara Morgan, his receptionist, hovered at the door.
    Dread swelled with the threat of a second tidal wave of trouble. Dan excused himself. Once in the corridor, Tara stepped to the side of the conference room door, signifying she preferred not to be overheard by the others.
    Couldn’t be good news.
    “There are two gentlemen from the Federal Bureau of Investigation here, sir. I explained that you were in a briefing.” She twisted her fingers together. Nervous or flustered. “But they want to see you. Privately. Now.”
    Dan glanced at those seated around the table. Why would Manning fail to mention that others were coming?
    “Show them to my office,” he said to Tara. “I’ll be right there.”
    Dan ignored the tension tugging at the muscles along the length of his spine and returned to the briefing. “Sergeant Harper, I’d like you to carry on here.”
    Harper was shaken but he knew more about Wells’ personal life than anyone else. He was as familiar with the Player case and Eric Spears as Dan. And he would keep the others from closing out Jess. Despite the tension throttling through him, he almost laughed at the idea of Jess allowing anyone to close her out. She would tell Dan exactly that if he dared to say any such thing out loud. Still, someone had to referee.
    “Agent Manning, if you would, I’d like you to accompany me to my office.”
    Dan didn’t wait for the agent and he didn’t make eye contact with Jess. Whatever this was about, he figured it involved her. Until he had a handle on what was about to go down, it was best she stayed right where she was.
    When they were out of hearing range of the conference room door, Dan glanced at the other man. “You didn’t think it necessary to mention your colleagues were coming a little late to the party?”
    Manning stalled, a frown making grooves in his face. “I wasn’t aware anyone else from the Bureau would be

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