Falling For Him 1 (Rachel and Peter in Love)

Falling For Him 1 (Rachel and Peter in Love) by Jessica Gray Read Free Book Online

Book: Falling For Him 1 (Rachel and Peter in Love) by Jessica Gray Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Gray
hurry,” I urged him on.
    “I want to take my time,” he informed me with a smile in his voice.
    “Later. Please hurry, I need you.”
    But he didn’t give in to my please. Instead he took pleasure in slowing down his progress even more and making me painfully aware, that I was at his mercy. He was the only one who could put out the burning fire and he had decided to take it as slow as possible.
    Just when I thought he’d never relieve my craving, he pulled my jean shorts from my body, taking my underwear with them. As I was lying on the bed naked to his gaze, he retreated a step to take in the sight. Barely containing his own arousal he groaned, “You are so beautiful.”
    I reached for him and started moving my hands over his torso. His strong abs, his back, the soft skin, every touch made me hotter and hotter. Now it was my turn to take of his clothes and show him how much the yearning can build up. Stroking slowly his manhood I reveled in giving back that intense burning lust and let him suffer the same delicious arousal as he had done to me before.
    When I couldn’t take it any longer I pulled him on top of me with all my force. He shifted backwards, digging in his pants pocket for protection before rejoining me on the bed.  After seeing to my protection, he lowered himself over me carefully as I spread my legs to make room for his hips.
    “You’re absolutely breath taking,” he whispered, dropping light kisses across the bridge of my nose and eyelids.
    “Please I need to feel you inside me or I will go up in flames,” I whispered back.
    Peter chuckled softly and then reaching down, joined us in a smooth move that had my eyes rolling back in my head and my breath rushing from between my lips. My mind stopped thinking and my carnal instincts took over. He was everything I wanted. I needed him, needed to sense his body on mine and have him make us one.
    I wrapped my legs around him as he started a steady rhythm that took us both straight to the edge of the cliff and toppled us off.  I remembered hearing someone screaming and later realized it had been me screaming in ecstasy.
    For a long time, we lay in each other’s arms, reluctant to end the moment. Making love with Peter had been the most extraordinary experience of my life – strong and powerful, yet loving and tender. Our souls had connected on a deep level and the surrounding reality had disappeared.
    When he pulled me to his chest, I snuggled up to him. He dropped a kiss on my hair that made me close my eyes and let my mind drift away. In his arms I was safe and warm. Right now, he was all I needed and I refused to think about the future. Before long, we were both asleep in each other’s arms, keeping reality at bay a little longer.

Chapter 6
    I stretched, my over-used muscles protested and a smile crossed my face as I remembered the activities that had made them sore. Peter and I had made love. It had been fantastic!
    I rolled over, searching for him, my hand coming up empty. At the same time I opened my eyes to find myself the sole occupant of the room or the bed.
    Flashbacks of several days ago came rushing back and I panicked, grabbing the sheets against my naked body, almost afraid to call out to him. Had he left me too?
    I climbed out of bed and had just finished putting my underwear and shirt on when the bedroom door opened and Peter stood there.
    The relief upon seeing him was overwhelming and I quickly sat down on the edge of the bed. He hadn’t left!
    “Road’s clear. As soon as you can get yourself packed up, I want to head home.”
    “Okay, give me a few minutes to make sure I have everything.”
    Peter nodded and backed out of the room, closing the door behind him.
    I sat on the bed for a few minutes, reliving the night before and sad that our time together was over.  When I joined Peter in the front room moments later, he is silent and I begin to feel uncomfortable. Did he regret having slept with me? Why didn’t he say

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