Fatal Jealousy (Black Widow Book 1)

Fatal Jealousy (Black Widow Book 1) by Christina Ow Read Free Book Online

Book: Fatal Jealousy (Black Widow Book 1) by Christina Ow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christina Ow
just worried.” Changing the channel from Two and a Half Men to CNN, “We have a serial killer in Georgetown,” she went on pointing to the screen. Ellie sat next to her, her eyes glued on the screen, “Is that Dale?” Kris asked stunned.
    Right next to a man speaking on the podium, Dale stood next to him, his sunglasses on and his face held stiff and hard. His hands were held behind his back like a soldier in a parade. He looked like a different person, stern and emotionless, a complete opposite to the man she was cuddling with a few hours ago.
    “He’s a cop?” Ellie whispered genuinely surprised. She buried her face in her palms; this was the last thing she wanted.
    Kris jumped in, “Maybe not... he might be....” her quick tongue failing her. She moved to Ellie and hugged her by the shoulders, her voice conciliatory, “Honey it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker if you really like him.”
    Ellie lifted her face out of her hands and laughed sadly, blinking back the tears threatening to spill over and betray her, “It’s a good thing nothing has happened yet.”
    Kris held her tighter, “You can try to lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me. You like him, and it hurts you that he’s a cop.”
    Ellie pulled away from Kris and stood up in front of her, “Why would Ellsa hook me up with a cop?” the anger simmering slowly inside her, “She knows I wouldn’t date a cop if I had a gun held to my head. Is this another one of her stupid pranks or is this payback?” She paced the small living room, “This is revenge for her stupid boyfriend. Why is she punishing me, it wasn’t my fault!”
    “I’m sorry to say this, but it’s always someone else’s fault, but Ellsa’s.”
    Ellie simmered down, “It’s not her fault she dated a horse’s ass.”
    As she changed the channel, “Ellie, one of these days you are going to have to put yourself first.”
    “Until then, I have a bone to pick with a certain cop!”
    “And the next day you are going to have to get over it. It’s been eight years, let it go.”
    “My parents are dead Kris, I can’t just let that go.” Her eyes filled with tears as a piece of her heart broke away. She missed them and the pain of losing them didn’t seem to be getting any better.

Chapter Seven
    Ellie told the first person who approached her, “I’m looking for Dale Carson.” It didn’t take long before someone had noticed her. She looked like a fish out of water with her arms wrapped around her, feeling major discomfort being in a federal building. She stood close to the elevator. She needed a quick getaway once she’d said what she needed to.
    “I’ll get him for you,” Paloma answered with a polite smile. She eyed her like she would a nervous suspect, before she walked away, “Carson, there is a girl waiting for you by the elevators.”
    He took his feet off the table and putdown the victim’s file he’d been going through with a fine tooth comb just in case they missed something, “Why didn’t you ask her to come here? Or is there a new policy that states we receive visitors by the elevators?”
    “Even if I asked her to come, I’m sure she would have said no. She didn’t look like she wanted to get far away from the elevators. She’s anxious, like she’s waiting to spill something before she runs off.”
    Curious, Carson went to see the antsy girl. His heart smiled when he saw her, it was Ellie. “Hi babe. How did you know where I worked?” he kissed her before she had a chance to answer.
    “You were all over the news yesterday, it wasn’t hard to find out.” Her voice sounded like she had something stuck in her throat.
    “So, what’s up?” He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. She had leaned into it longingly for a moment before she turned away.
    “I came to tell you that this can’t work,” Her voice trembled as she spoke the words she knew she would come to regret one day. But she’d thought about it, and it was the

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