Fever by Amy Meredith Read Free Book Online

Book: Fever by Amy Meredith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amy Meredith
well be an excavation site.
    Luke grabbed his cell. It had only been about an hour since he’d seen his dad, but he wanted to check in. He and his dad, they were a team. All they had was each other.
    He hesitated. Maybe calling is a bad idea , Luke thought. He didn’t want to wake his father up. He decided to text instead. OFF TO DINNER WITH E AND J , he typed. CALL ME IF YOU’RE BORED .
    Boredom was the least of his father’s worries, and Luke knew it. But it was their style to keep things light.
    We’ll find the cause of the plague , Luke promised himself. And we’ll end this thing before anyone gets sicker .

Chapter Three
    ‘There they are,’ Eve said, pointing across Nikolai’s back patio. Jess and Seth had already been shown to a table for four, right under the huge weeping willow that grew in the centre of the dining area, its trunk rising through a hole in the wooden deck. Eve gave some of its feathery leaves a friendly brush as she and Luke walked towards their friends. The tree was probably even older than the building, and that had been built a hundred years ago. Eve imagined the willow’s roots stretching out below all the tables, across the lawn, and underneath the brick paving stones of the walkway that led down to the creek.
    Nikolai’s was the most beautiful restaurant in Deepdene. Eve had never seen it with more than one or two empty tables until now. Tonight there was only one other occupied table on the large deck. At least it wasn’t so crowded she felt obliged to wear her mask.
    ‘Wow, it looks like Jess has been swallowing lit candles or something,’ she said softly to Luke, slowing down to take in her best friend’s face. ‘She’s so happy, she’s glowing from the inside.’ Actually Seth’s eyes looked extra-bright too. So sweet.
    Luke pulled out Eve’s chair for her. The move surprised her a little. But why should it have? Luke was a player. With the number of dates he’d been on, of course he’d picked up a few good moves.
    ‘I’ve never eaten here before,’ Luke commented as he sat down next to her. ‘It’s, um, nice.’ Eve noticed that his voice was higher than usual, as if he was a little nervous. Was he thinking about his dad? Worrying?
    ‘It is. It’s the best place in town,’ Jess answered with a giant smile. Eve had to laugh. She suspected that Jess would think anyplace she and Seth were together was the best place.
    ‘Hey, did you guys hear that Sydney Granger is sick now?’ Seth asked. He looked over at Luke. ‘Sorry about your dad, man.’ He pulled at the neck of his T-shirt, as if it was feeling too tight.
    ‘Thanks,’ Luke answered.
    ‘I just found out about Sydney. I got a text from Rose right before we left. She said Syd has a fever, so …’ Eve let her words trail off. They all knew what a fever meant. That was one more kid from school down with Flu X.
    ‘I want to propose a motion,’ Jess said.
    ‘A motion?’ Seth asked.
    ‘Yes. A formal motion,’ Jess replied. ‘I move that we don’t talk about the – the you-know-what – just until we finish dinner. Can I get a second?’
    Eve raised her hand. She figured Luke could use an hour or so without talking about the disease. He was probably thinking about it constantly.
    Luke chuckled. ‘Moved and seconded. Motion passes!’
    ‘So what should we talk about instead? Or maybe we shouldn’t even bother to talk.’ Seth leaned in and gave Jess a kiss.
    ‘I guess we should talk about food. I think our waiter is coming over,’ Luke said. He picked up a menu. Eve checked out the table and realized she didn’t have a menu. No problem; she leaned closer to Luke and read over his shoulder. Then she realized that to anybody glancing over at them, she and Luke probably looked as couple-y as Jess and Seth. She pulled away quickly.
    ‘I don’t know what to go for,’ Seth said. ‘I guess I’m not that hungry. When it’s really hot I never feel like eating.’
    ‘I don’t know why I’m

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