Filthy (New Adult Romance) - #3 Fierce Series

Filthy (New Adult Romance) - #3 Fierce Series by Clarissa Wild Read Free Book Online

Book: Filthy (New Adult Romance) - #3 Fierce Series by Clarissa Wild Read Free Book Online
Authors: Clarissa Wild
as I set my eyes on her chest, marveling at the sight.
    I chuckle. “Damn, I was right.”
    “About what?” She grins, perking them up.
    “Those tits of yours are the finest I’ve seen.”
    She shakes her head, laughing, and I take the opportunity to cover her nipple with my mouth. Catching her by surprise, I give her nipple long, lavish licks while toying with the other. I tug and squeeze, making her moan so loud I groan with her.
    “Fuck, I love this.”
    She giggles. “I know you like fucking.”
    “I like it with you especially.”
    “Hmmm … Less talking more kissing.”
    I kiss my way back up her neck, dragging my lips along the way. “Baby, I’ll put my lips in places that’ll make you beg for mercy.”
    Her skin is turning crimson red, and I don’t know whether that’s because of my rough skin against her soft flesh, or the idea popping into her mind that I might actually put my dirty words into action.
    My lips can’t help but move down to her beautiful tits again. Sucking hard, I pucker up her nipples and give both of them equal attention. My pants are tented as I unhook her bra and she lets it drop to the floor. I grasp her arm and hold her steady. Growling, I shove everything aside and push her down. She groans when I pull her zipper down and unbutton her jeans, ripping them down in one go. It’s motherfucking eat-out-time.
    I tear down her panties, making her squeal. Her sweet, shaven pussy is on full display, and I swear to god, it’s the nicest pussy I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because it is hers.
    I go to my knees, nudging her legs aside, and place my lips on top of her clit. Gasping, she tries to sit up, but I splay my fingers on her belly, holding her down while I lap up her pussy. Fuck, she tastes so nice. If I’d known this, I would’ve done it long ago. She drops her head on the counter as I lick and suck, teasing her clit with my tongue. I grin against her skin from the sounds she’s making; it’s fucking hot. I never knew bringing a girl home would make me this happy. Of course, it’s Lin … what else did I expect?
    Her moans and whimpers become increasingly louder as I play with her clit, sometimes dipping my tongue into her pussy for that extra oompf. Her fingers reach for my head, twisting through my hair and grasping me hard. It makes me want to eat her more.
    “Eating you on my kitchen table was always my best wet dream,” I growl.
    “Oh, Jaret, fuck … I’m going to come.”
    “Yeah, baby,” I murmur, sliding a finger into her pussy. “Drip for me. Let me feel you come.”
    I slip my finger in and out, the wetness riling me up like nothing else. I can feel her pussy throb with need, and my cock responds with a thump just the same. Her swollen clit is pulsing, and the O’s and A’s become a delight to hear.
    “Oh, yes!” she screams, grabbing my hair tight. Circling around inside of her pussy, I press my tongue against her clit, sucking hard. She explodes in delicious orgasms, her pussy clamping around my finger. Her pussy’s drenched and she moans loud, desperately clinging onto my hair. I won’t stop eating her until I know she’s satisfied.
    Her body quivers and her lips are parted as she pants. I keep sucking and licking her sweet pussy, enjoying the rich taste and delicious moans. After some time, she giggles, pushing herself up on her elbows.
    “Jesus … if I’d known this—”
    “You’d fucked me long ago,” I finish her sentence with a cocky smirk on my face.
    She rolls her eyes. “I didn’t want to say it like that.”
    “But you thought it.” I come up to eye-level again, grabbing her legs tight. “And I’m game.”
    She grins. “What are you gonna do now?”
    The cheeky look on her face makes my cock harder, though I thought that wasn’t even possible. I drag her forward by her legs and then wrap my hands around her ass, lifting her off the counter. “In the bath you go, dirty girl.”
    She giggles as I put her over my shoulder,

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