Finding Opa!

Finding Opa! by Latrivia S. Nelson Read Free Book Online

Book: Finding Opa! by Latrivia S. Nelson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Latrivia S. Nelson
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance, Contemporary Women, African American
you on Facebook?” Hunter asked as they sat atop a rock on the bay.
    “Oh, yeah. That’s how I interact with most of my readers,” Stacey said, skipping a rock.
    “Yeah, I like Facebook too. I keep in touch with her family on it.” He perked up. “Are you an HBO freak or a Showtimer?”
    “Both,” she answered quickly. “I can’t live without Game of Thrones or Gigolos .”
    Hunter laughed aloud. “I actually record Game of Thrones .”
    Stacey turned to him. The moonlight shone down on her angelic face. With her lips twisted up, she smiled. “We’re sort of boring, aren’t we?”
    Hunter shook his head. “Completely.”
    “When I write, I never write about people like us. And it’s weird, you know, because this is what I know best. I always write about these amazing romances that make your heart beat fast and your blood race. I write just the most incredible love scenes that defy the very existence of real, human relationships.” She walked towards him as he sat perched a few feet away on a rock watching her. “I used to live an amazing life, have earth-shattering sex, and have that whole cloud-nine feeling. Did you?”
    Hunter shook his head. “Yep.”
    “I’m sorry. I know that we are supposed to be doing this help each other, but am I becoming too intimate ?” she paused.
    “No. It’s just been a long time since anyone else articulated the same emotions that I’ve had. I tried the counseling and the specialized psychiatrist.” Hunter looked up at her. “Nothing worked.”
    “So did I,” Stacey said absently.
    “I still don’t sleep well. I still don’t do a lot of things well . After her death, I just wanted to be alone. You know?”
    “I know.” Stacey sat down beside him. He scooted over to give her room. “Did you try valium?”
    “ For a while. It made me feel less like myself. I felt like I was cheating. After all, she was dead. So, I felt that mourning was my way of at least feeling something.”
    “That was my exact thought too.” Stacey liked the idea that he didn’t hold back. Maybe she didn’t have to either. “Can I ask you a totally personal question, since you are a doctor and a widow?” A naughty grin crossed her lips.
    He looked over at her and smiled back. “Sure. Why not.” You can ask me anything you want , he thought to himself.
    “Did you lose your desire to…masturbate?”
    Hunter frowned. That was not what he was expecting. He chuckled under his breath as she followed his face for an answer. She evidently did not see anything wrong with the question.
    “It’s odd that you bring that up. Yes, I did.” He laughed but still felt odd. How did she know that? “It took a year to even think about it. It made me feel like I was cheating on her.” He looked down at his crotch involuntarily.
    “Me too,” she said, slumping over. “It made me grumpier. I bought a drawer full of dildos from Switzerland. They are supposed to have the best plastics . At first, I just thought I was buying the wrong type, and then I realized that it was me. I lost the ability to get off.”
    Hunter was speechless. Never had a woman, even at his practice, shared that with him before. “You’re right. We are fucked up.”
    “Tell me about it,” she said, raising her beer to his. “To two months together.”
    “To two months,” he said, clinking his beer against hers.
    The moon lit her face just right at that very moment. Her long, swan neck ran down to her perfectly toned body, and she appeared to be glowing. He swallowed hard at the thought that she might actually let him kiss her tonight.
    Perched on the rocks and drinking beer, they talked until the clouds came and hid the moon behind their thick dark blankets. The smell of rain was the only thing that pulled them from their deep conversations on life, politics, relationship and even children. It had been years since they

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