First Time Secrets (Vol. 3 – A Time for Everything)

First Time Secrets (Vol. 3 – A Time for Everything) by Mason Lee Read Free Book Online

Book: First Time Secrets (Vol. 3 – A Time for Everything) by Mason Lee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mason Lee
Vol. 3 - A Time for Everything
    David shivered uncontrollably as he sat on his bed, holding his arms and rocking back and forth until he finally gave up and pulled the covers over his head, hoping that if he closed his eyes, it would all fade away. He was still hard and he was ashamed of himself for it. How could he have been so easy and so stupid? He stupidly threw himself at the one man that he knew would most likely chew him up and spit him out. He'd be lucky to still have a boyfriend after tonight's escapade.
    The word boyfriend washed over him and his shaking stopped but his face was still hot. He reviewed the evening before the party and his stomach flipped back and forth as he remembered his weak excuses for leaving Dean's arms. He had been so happy there. It had seemed so right and then he had to go and ruin it all because of this sick obsession, this need that had gotten inside of him and ate at his chance for happiness.
    He decided, before closing his eyes, that he couldn't tell Dean what had happened. Even if it made him a liar. He was too afraid of what the handsome, young man would think of him, throwing himself at a known predator like that. David might be out of the closet but he was still familiar with secrets and the party would have to stay buried there, along with the other things that he didn't want to remember right now.
    In the morning, with a whole new day before him, the sunlight peeked in through the slats of the blind and his dingy room seemed to sparkle. David took it as a good omen and decided to start with a clean slate. He brushed his teeth and combed through his blond mane with his hand and closed his door behind him. He had made up his mind. He would make amends with Dean first and then never lie to him again. He knocked softly on Dean’s door.
    “Who is it?” his boyfriend asked. His voice seemed to indicate that he was still half asleep.
    “It's David.”
    He didn't sound confident at all and tried to clear his throat; he didn't want a trace of nervousness to seep through.
    There was the sound of feet shuffling and Dean stood at the door, no gesture, no wide smile to welcome him back.
    “Hey, what's up?”
    “Can I come in?” David asked. He felt even sorrier than he sounded.
    Dean drew his shoulders back and his bare chest was hard and sculpted and it looked as if he were creating a barrier where David was not allowed.
    “I don't know what happened last night, man, but I have to tell you that I felt pretty shitty about the way you left things.” He looked him right in the eye as he added, “Especially considering what we just did.”
    David's hand had reached Dean’s chest of its own volition and when he felt Dean's heart hammering under his touch, he felt something melt inside and he opened his arms. Without a word, his mouth opened and his tongue found Dean's lips and his apology began with his soft, wet kisses.
    Dean let himself be walked backwards to the bed and David continued his caress, kissing the boy's eyelids, his cheeks, his cupid's bow, sucking on his full bottom lip and nibbling gently on his top one. Dean was malleable and his eyes were closed and David knew he was seducing him rather than confessing and perhaps he should feel guilty for that, but with Dean's scent around him and his taste in David's mouth, all he cared about was the pounding need between Dean's legs and his own desire to have him.
    David reached the young man's hard, pointed nipple and found that when tracing the tip of his tongue across the pink bit of flesh that Dean groaned and pushed his hips up, as if to give him his cock as well. Dean continued his assault on the nipple while reaching down to stroke his boyfriend's hard dick under his shorts, grabbing him roughly by the base and pulling his cock forward, feeling Dean throb in his hand as he kept up the tongue lashing.
    “David,” he groaned and pushed up again, “that feels so good. Everything you do feels so good.”
    His muscular

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