Flirting with Danger

Flirting with Danger by Elizabeth Lapthorne Read Free Book Online

Book: Flirting with Danger by Elizabeth Lapthorne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth Lapthorne
sank on to his body, his cock hot and enormous within her. He let his hands fall to her hips once more, gently assisting her to manoeuvre to find the greatest pleasure.
    When he scraped along her G-spot, she screamed and trembled. She paused, overwhelmed. On the verge of climax, she vibrated with need. With a gasp, she leaned a hand down, stroked the tender skin of his scrotum and found that sensitive cluster of nerves around his tightly puckered hole.
    “Fuck!” he swore, rigid now with his own need for release clear.
    Only then did she lift and fall again, driving them both over the edge and into screaming oblivion. Skye could feel him pumping into her like a man possessed, both their cries rising so loudly around them she thought the neighbouring flats had to hear them.
    They trembled together, sweat beading along the slender line of her spine. Thrusting furiously, Jack came as her release washed over her in a near overwhelming wave. This time it was she who fell next to him on the bed, shaking and unable to catch her breath.
    They lay curled together for a few minutes, each of them thinking their own private thoughts. Slowly, sensually, their heads moved together as if they’d shared the same thought in identical moments. They shared a heated, passionate kiss. As if they had all the time in the world, they tenderly explored each other’s mouth.
    Jack pulled his lips away.
    Skye’s eyes fluttered open when she realised she’d closed them in pure bliss, caught up in the perfect moment they shared. Gingerly, Jack pulled his cock out of her body with a faint plop. Reaching between her swollen, lust-bruised legs, he inserted one thick finger into her pussy.
    Removing the creamy digit, he inserted it into his mouth in mimicry of her earlier motion. Hot lust unfurled deep in her belly. A part of Skye wanted to re-straddle her lover and start all over again, right from the very beginning, but faint twinges from her rarely used inner muscles informed her a break was in order.
    “You’d be amazed how wonderful a joint shower could be right now,” she murmured. Surprise and pleasure shone in his gaze as his eyes widened appreciatively. A wicked, knowing grin crossed her face.
    “I wield an amazing detachable shower head,” he boasted, following her train of thought.
    Skye snickered and lowered her chin to her shoulder, gazing at him with heated longing. The pose was simultaneously innocent and naughty, perfect for how she felt right now.
    “How much time do we have before we need to be at Tank’s?” she teased him, tired but willing.
    Jack threw his head back and laughed.
    * * * *
    Jack watched the show Skye put on as she dried her body off from their shower with a big, fluffy towel. Never in his life had he come three times in such a short time. Something about Skye drew him. He wondered if he truly would follow wherever the sultry woman led.
    She ran a finger through her short brown curls. They spiralled in every direction and he knew now for himself just how soft they were. Her warm blue eyes shone at him as she grinned. This woman clearly knew exactly how alluring she was to him.
    He wanted her on every conceivable level. Physically, emotionally, intellectually and with a fierce passion that burned deep in his soul. Now he’d finally met her, come to know her a little, he didn’t think he could let her go. He should have known any daughter of Victor Adams would be a complex mixture and utterly addictive.
    A part of him understood they both flirted with danger by entertaining the wicked fantasies that overwhelmed his brain. Victor was not a man to cross, and, despite his placid façade, contrary to his cool, calm demeanour, he could strike like a viper and was the epitome of protective when it came to his only child.
    Skye, on the other hand, did not seem to understand how dangerous this entire situation could become without any notice. Yet still Jack found himself drawn to her. Classic moth-to-a-flame

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