Forever Black (Nightwalkers 2)

Forever Black (Nightwalkers 2) by H.N. Sieverding Read Free Book Online

Book: Forever Black (Nightwalkers 2) by H.N. Sieverding Read Free Book Online
Authors: H.N. Sieverding
felt her fingers slip into his.
    "Hi." Ashleigh wore an angered expression as she
glared at Lady Harper. She held out a stiff hand to her, the letter held firmly
between her fingers. "I promised Gramps I'd give this to you."
    "Oh, my goodness." Covering her lips, Lady Harper
gasped. "You—"
    Ashleigh turned away, her soft voice seething with anger.
"I am leaving after I hand this to you."
    "Ashleigh." Lady Harper went up to Ashleigh,
placing her hands on the young woman’s shoulders. "Please…why can't you
forgive me? I—"
    "I'll never forgive you."
    Narrowing her eyes on Caleb, Lady Harper motioned toward
him. "You know my daughter?"
    "Ashleigh's your daughter?"
    "Caleb's my fiancé."
    "Fiancé? What? I warned you about coming here, and then
with…" Lady Harper's brow lowered as she motioned toward Caleb.
"Another vampire? You don't understand what you've done."
    "You're the one who needs to understand." Ashleigh
let go of Caleb's hand and pointed an angry finger. "It's your fault Dad
left me. It was all because of you and your lies! I hate you!"
    "Why did you come here? To bring up the past? Please,
let's talk in private, and—"
    "No. I'm tired of this." Ashleigh threw the letter
at her mother, the paper hitting her in the chest then falling to the ground.
"And I have nothing more to say to you but goodbye."
    "Now, Ashleigh…stop this. Your father is—"
    "My father is dead. I don't believe you. I'm not a bastard. I'm a Brown!"
    "Please, Ashleigh… You don't understand what you
are…what could happen to—"
    "Hey!" A voice came from behind them, Ashleigh and
Caleb turning around. "Look who it is! Mr. Rock Star himself."
    "Ben, darling." Marion had her fists balled nervously as she
faked a smile. "What are you doing home already?"
    "Early?" Ben regarded her with a slight confusion
then turned back to Caleb. "So, what are you doing here?" He glanced
at Ashleigh. She purposely wasn't looking at him.
    "Just delivering something." Caleb wrapped his arm
around Ashleigh's shoulders, pulling her closer. "How's the new stock of
hunters? Any good newbies?"
    "Nothing spectacular." Ben sighed, but he kept his
eyes on Ashleigh.
    "We need more like Robert. I need another one of those
to protect my girl." He squeezed Ashleigh's shoulders, his playful action
making her smile.
    "I'll keep my eye out." He nodded then turned to
his wife briefly. "You staying for supper, Caleb?"
    "Just ate." Caleb laughed as he glanced at
Ashleigh then back at Ben. "Maybe some other time."
    "Please, excuse us." Lady Harper's voice was shaky
as she took Ashleigh's hand. She laughed nervously then whispered into
Ashleigh's ear, "Please, Ashleigh, leave. Before Ben—"
    "You look very familiar." Ben was studying
Ashleigh suspiciously, a finger pausing at his lip. "Have we met? You're a Vessling , right? You look just like—" Ben’s gaze
quickly snapped to his wife. "Marion? Do you know this girl? Who is she?"
    "Ashleigh," Caleb answered for her. Ashleigh
quickly broke away from her mother and wrapped her arm around his waist.
"Soon to be Mason."
    "Ashleigh?" Ben's eyes narrowed on her, the words
breathlessly slipping off his lips. "Ashleigh Brown?" He turned to Lady
Harper. "Your daughter?"
    "Yes." Ashleigh's voice was low, but her anger
seethed through her words. "So, you remember me." Her next words came
out louder as she glared at her mother. "I'm Anthony's bastard
    "What?" Ben glanced between them. "Marion? Is that
    "Take me home, Caleb." Ashleigh yanked on Caleb's
    "I can't let you leave." Ben was now standing near
the door, a very cross look on his face. "If what you say is true, then I
have to hand you over to the Council."
    "Please, Ben." Lady Harper quickly found a place
at Ashleigh's side. "Don't do this. Look…" Marion gestured toward
Caleb. Caleb was holding onto Ashleigh tightly, a challenging look in his eyes.
"She's happy. Let her be. I beg you."
    "You lied to me, Marion. You told me she was your

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