Forever Love (Fghter Club 1)
oblivious to her surroundings. She closed the door of her car and
locked it and then found her house key. As she turned around she
jumped out of her skin.
    ‘ Jesus Christ James, you
scared the hell out of me!’ she looked at him and then to Rachel
and as soon as she made eye contact with her, anger was evident on
her face.
    James glared at her, ‘We need to
talk, don’t you think!’ It was a statement rather than and
question, so as she walked to her front door and unlocked it she
was preparing herself for and argument.
    They walked into her kitchen and
she put the kettle on, ‘Cut to the chase James and tell me what you
    ‘ What I want? WHAT I WANT?
He shouted. Rachel flinched at him but Alexia just stood staring at
him seemingly not bothered by his shouting.
    ‘ Well done, that’s what I
said, you're a very clever man but you didn’t answer my question
and DON’T shout at me! Got it!’
    James continued to stare down at
her but soon realised that she wasn’t intimidated by him and was
not going to back off so he stepped back. Rachel was
    ‘ Now I will ask you again,
what do you want?’
    ‘ You know exactly what I
want Alexia, don’t act dumb. I saw my children in the ring last
night and don’t say they’re not mine, I’m not stupid.’ Rachel came
up beside him and put one arm around him and the other hand on his
arm rubbing up and down and she kissed his face, ‘baby calm down,
we’ll get this sorted but being angry isn’t going to help.’ She
smirked at Alexia, ‘Did you hear we got married?’
    ‘ Rachel.....fuck off you
stupid blond bitch! I really don’t care that you got him. From what
I hear he’s not all that now anyway, he’s just a big bully so
you’re welcome to him and thank god MY children don’t know him
because I wouldn’t want them growing up in his world
    James looked at her with anger,
‘You fucking what?’
    ‘ You heard, thank fuck
that my babies don’t know you because the way you’ve turned out, I
dread to think what you would have done with them, and if you think
I’m going to allow you to have access to them with you being a loan
shark and fighter you can do one!’ She was right up against him,
face to face and wasn’t scared of him at all. ‘You chose to not
have anything to do with them James, you’re the one who said you
didn’t want them because Rachel was your priority as she had lost a
baby, so don’t you dare blame me for this!’
    Rachel’s heart started pounding
but she managed to keep a straight face on her knowing that she
wouldn’t have any proof after all this time.
    ‘ What the fuck are you
talking about? Why are you making all this shit up?’ he
    ‘ I didn’t make it up, I
emailed you when I had my 12 week scan and you emailed back after
not returning my calls.’
    ‘ I never emailed you and
you never called!’ he said with a look that threw her. Was it anger
or was it confusion? She didn’t know which.
    ‘ I did, I’ll prove it to
you, I’ll go get the emails and the text now.’ She ran up to her
    Rachel stepped back and
sat on a chair, hoping that Alexia was bluffing but when she came
back in with hard copies of the emails and texts that she had
printed off and she felt sick. ‘Fuck,’ she mumbled to herself.
James heard her and narrowed his eyes. He took them from Alexia and
he couldn’t believe what was in front of him.
    He started reading it out
[email protected]
[email protected]

    I know we left things in a
pickle and I left leave suddenly but I have been trying to call
you. I don't know what's going on with you but I didn't think you'd
ignore me and make me feel like the bad guy when you were the one
who cheated…………
    He heard Rachel gasp so he
turned to look at her pale face and then back at the paper to
continue reading it quietly in his head.
    Anyway, the reason I have been
calling you is because I am 14 weeks

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