Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural)

Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural) by Erica Storm Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural) by Erica Storm Read Free Book Online
Authors: Erica Storm
Tags: BWWM African American erotic romance, African American erotica fiction
not sleeping with me?” I questioned her. And she didn’t say a word. When she’s angry with me she doesn’t speak to me, that’s her passive aggressive behavior.  I came to realize it had a profound effect on me. She glanced up at me with her big brown eyes and I wanted to fuck her brains out.
    “I have to take a shower because I’m going out,” she says to me, cold and without feelings. I sit on the edge of the bed and watch as she kicks off her shoes and socks, and strip off her jeans, thong, and top.
    She stands looking down at me and I grasp her arm pulling her to me. I lay my head on her stomach and wrap my hands around one thigh. She glances down at me, her body quaking as I turn my head and kiss her mound, dragging my mouth through her pubic hair, and my tongue between her folds finding her clit.
    I’m in heaven with my face buried on her opening.
    My hands wrap around her voluptuous full butt. I want to whip her ass and then fuck her from behind. I suppress the urge to spank her. I don’t think she will understand, and after the fight about me calling her a child, she would think it was my way of treating her like one.
    My hands travel up and down her ass cheeks, my tongue on her bud, and I’m caressing them and all I can think about is paddling her wonderful ass.
    I thought I was over the urge once I broke the connection between me and Alecia, but I hadn’t. I just transferred it to Amanda’s sensuous brown body and her alluring dark nipples, which I want to suck now if I can’t have her butt.
    My hands are between her legs and my fingers inside her opening, and my mouth is sealed on her pussy. Amanda opens her legs wide to give me better access to her. I can taste her and smell her scent, and I want more from her. But for now, I think that was all she would allow me. At least it is something.
    Amanda’s hands are holding on to my hair and she fists my hair pulling it. Her excitement is making me flood with desire.
    I hear her moans when I sucked her clit hard. I feel the vibration of it when my fingers swirled in and out of her opening. My dick swells at its tip waiting to push inside of her. But I want to take it slow and satisfy her.
    Alecia crosses my mind as I’m licking and sucking Amanda’s bud. Was Alecia trying to find out if I need to feed my erotic desires with her? We had a history together. She knew well what turned me on but that has changed. Once her body could make me do things I didn’t think were possible. And she enjoyed anal intercourse and she had trained me on how to enjoy it.
    I’m beginning to think now that it wasn’t because we couldn’t have children, she didn’t want any children. I can’t fully shift the blame on her because I needed to whip her ass to be able to come and most times she let me ejaculated on her ass and then that’s when I started fucking her from behind. It became a ritual whenever I was home.
    It was Alecia who introduced me to that lifestyle, but it was me who became addicted to it, and now it’s always in the back of my mind.
    W hen I met Alecia I explained to her my special appetite for sex. She encouraged it and even brought in instruments to help me satisfy my cravings. Now she’s here reminding me of my past with her when I haven’t engaged in that for years. If I would, it would only be with Amanda and if Amanda agreed, but what would I tell Amanda? I need to whip you first and sometimes tie you up before I can fuck you.
    Thinking about doing this with a woman I love, creates a turbulence of passion in me. Then I removed my finger from her opening and placed my hand near her anus to judge whether she will reject me. I need to test her first. My finger travels to her anus and I place my finger there. She flinches, it’s something different for her to adjust to.
    I didn’t continue. I had to go slow because I don’t want to drive her away. As I caress her clit with my tongue and feel her moist sex, she rests her head back as I

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