Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural)

Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural) by Erica Storm Read Free Book Online

Book: Forever Mine Box Set (BWWM, African American, Interracial,and Multicultural) by Erica Storm Read Free Book Online
Authors: Erica Storm
Tags: BWWM African American erotic romance, African American erotica fiction
disappeared years before Amanda came to my home. I can’t see why Amanda is angry with me for just having dinner.
    I could have lied and said it was a client. But I didn’t want to lie to her.
    Hurting Amanda was the last thing I wanted to do. I can see her point when I called her a child. She is temperamental, and after all she is only nineteen. I guess I could have used a little more sensitivity. I did act like an ass, especially when I’m so in love with her I don’t know how to react when I want her body and she refuses me.
    As I watched her parade around naked, and my body aching and she decides that she will not make love to me, I lost it. I could taste her and then she refuses me. She teased me and stimulated me when she walked from that bed leaving me cold.
    I had to control myself to keep from walking into the restroom and throwing her over my knee and whipping that beautiful ass of hers, but she would have accused me of treating her like a child.
    I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’m so fixated on her body that I can’t think. I want to fuck her every minute. I can’t stand for her to be away from me. I don’t think I can handle it if she goes to someone else. I know now I have to send Alecia away if I am to keep Amanda.
    “I’ve arrived at the Four Seasons. Alecia has a suite here. “I wonder how long she’s staying,” I mumble. I reach for my jacket before I exit the car. I have to wear a jacket in the restaurant otherwise they will give me one, and I don’t like wearing clothes someone else has worn.
    Alecia is sitting looking around and she spots me, smiles, and I walk over to her. She’s not her usual self. She appears to have calmed from the last time I saw her. Not her haughty, arrogant self.
    “Hello darling,” she says to me. She hasn’t called me darling in years. As a matter of fact, never. I kiss her on the cheek and she tries to turn her head where I can kiss her on the lips.
    “It’s great seeing you,” I say to her. I’m just making small talk. I want her to tell me what’s on her mind so I can get back to Amanda.
    “What is it Alecia?”
    “I hear you have taken up with that girl.” She says raising an eyebrow. I try not to respond.
    “Is that what you called me for? To discuss my life? Well, it’s my life and it has nothing to do with you,” I say to her and she’s surprised at my forward attitude. She reaches over and takes my hand, which is a first. There is no feeling there. I don’t think there ever was.
    “I want to come back. I should never have left.”
    “We can’t go back, Alecia.” I pull my hand away and she tries to take it. Then she leans into me, strokes my sex and whisper in my ear. “I know what you like sexually and I’m willing to give it to you. Just come up to my room and all your dreams will come true.” I sit back in shock and amused. I crack a small smile.
    “I’ve changed, Alecia. I’m into something else and I want to have a family.”
    “That’s what they all say. I know what you are. You can try to hide it from what’s her name, but it will come out sooner or later, and then when you try to introduce it to her she will leave you.”
    “She’s not like that.” I steeple my hands in front of my mouth, thinking.
    “Then you will come back to me.” She shot me a sly smile and sat up straight. We sat and ate in silence and I wondered if what Alecia said was true. I know now what Amanda said about Alecia was true. I have to get back home and apologize to Amanda.
    My driver drove around San Francisco at my request because I wanted time to think about what Alecia said to me. When I returned Saturday evening the house was empty. And the food my cook prepared for dinner was still in the warmer. I sat and ate without Amanda’s warmth and smile and then I heard the door open and it was Amanda. She came back.
    I couldn’t wait. Turning around, I rushed into the foyer. She kept walking to the guess room. “You’re

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