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Book: Forsaken by Sophia Sharp Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sophia Sharp
    “Nor should you,” Hunter answered.
    They drove a bit farther in silence, the low rumble of the motor soothing in a way. Then Nora spoke up again. “Your ability,” she said, “you said you developed it when you were a kid. Have you ever met anybody else like you?”
    Just then, Nora recognized the area they were in. “Oh look, we’re very close,” she said. “Take a right at the next side-road, and I think there’s a little lookout at the end of the dirt road.”
    Nora looked out her window at the evergreens around her as they drove down the small road. She always found them beautiful. Clean, and pristine.
    Sure enough, after a minute or so, the road up ahead ended in a small, empty, dirt lot, right on the shore of the lake. Hunter parked the car and looked over to her. “Do you dream, Nora?”
    “Do I dream? Of course I do. Everybody does.”
    “No, no.” He shook his head. “I don’t mean dreams like dreams and hopes. I mean the journey you go on when you’re asleep.”
    “Um, same answer?” Nora frowned.
    “And do you ever believe in your dreams? Do you ever feel like they have something to reveal to you? Perhaps a truth about the world?”
    “Hmm…maybe. When I was younger. Not much, anymore, really.”
    “Well,” he said coyly, “how would you like to experience that feeling again?”
    “What, dreaming?”
    “Not just dreaming. Knowing your dreams. Knowing they signify more.”
    “How?” Nora lifted a brow in skepticism.
    The eagerness in his expression was contagious, and her heart rate kicked up as he leaned toward her. “I can take you there.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “It’s another…ability…I have. It’s what I wanted to show you.”
    “Umm, okay.” No way would she back out now.
    He looked ahead at the lake, and when he moved his lips the words were barely distinguishable. “Look outside, Nora. Look at the calm of the lake. Feel the serenity of the water.” He rolled down his window a bit. “Breathe in the air, feel the freshness, the vibrancy of it all. Actually…” He paused, contemplating her. “This would work better outside.” He hopped out of the car. Nora didn’t have any choice but to follow.
    Hunter jumped up onto the hood of the Camaro and motioned for Nora to do the same. She climbed on and sat beside him, hands wrapped around her knees.
    “Breathe the air in, Nora. Take in the silence, the nature. Hear the sounds of the lapping water, the rustle of wind through the trees. Embrace it all.”
    “Okay…” she said uncertainly.
    “Now, I want you to focus on this very moment, the very spot you’re in right now. Feel the cool metal of the car beneath you, the breeze tugging at your clothes. Inhale the pristine smells of the trees all around you. Listen to the rhythmic lapping of the lake.”
    Nora listened to what he said and made her mind focus on each of the things he pointed out.
    “Now, I want you to give me your hand. But before you do, know that this is going to be different from last time.”
    “Different, how?”
    “I’ll show you what I know.”
    She looked deeply into his eyes, searching for…something. “Okay.” She reached over to take his hand, not knowing what to expect. When their fingers touched…there was nothing, no barrage of unwanted thoughts flooding into her mind. For some reason, she started to feel drowsy. Her eyes began to droop shut. Her focus wavered, and she had a hard time keeping her head up. She held his hand, though, and noticed it was icy cold, stealing her warmth.
    “This…will go the other way,” he told her gently. “You’re going to want to take a nap.”
    “I will?” Nora said drowsily.
    “Yes, you will.” He tightened his grip on her hand. “Do not be afraid, Nora. Relax your mind, and let go.”
    “…O…kay…” she drawled the word. Her eyes closed, and just before she fell asleep, she slumped heavily against Hunter.

Chapter Nine
    ~Into the Dream~

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