Freedom Saga 1: Heaven's Light

Freedom Saga 1: Heaven's Light by Marcus Johnson Read Free Book Online

Book: Freedom Saga 1: Heaven's Light by Marcus Johnson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marcus Johnson
time. I’m ready to take lead of a medical staff. That’s what
she keeps telling me. But there’s a bit of doubt still inside me.”
    “At least we’ll
suffer together,” Seles said.
    “True,” Mira
said as they laughed.
    They came to the
exit stairs of the Avoni and headed outside. The base around them turned like a
giant cylinder to simulate gravity. As they touched the platform outside the
ship, both Seles and Mira watched hundreds of Kalaidians, Malcovin, and Shandi
working on the interior of the base. Seles looked at the nearly finished
    “I think it
needs a paint job,” she remarked.
    “I think you’re
right,” Mira added. “Right now it looks like a silver and black hulk.”
    “It’s good to see
you two!” Jesela exclaimed as she ran to Seles and Mira. She stopped to catch
her breath before hugging both of them. “It’s been too long.”
    “Over a year,”
Mira said.
    “You’re looking
well,” Seles said.
    Jesela smiled.
“Thanks.” She looked around the dock area. “Where in Kali’s name is everyone?”
    “They’re running
late,” Mira explained. “How’s the old bird holding up?”
    “He’s peppy as
baby Jaedis ,” Jesela said.
    From the Avoni
emerged Brian, Valis, Celi, and Zae. From the Raulno Kivi and Dreka made their
way to the center of the dock. From the Reinkar came El Kar with a pair of body
guards. When the group converged the old Malcovin made his appearance from the
entrance to the center of the base. Grigon cawed with impatience while holding
a strange looking metal rod.
    “I’m sorry for
being late,” Grigon said to the group as he met them. “Please, follow me.”
    He pointed to
the door he came in from and led the group to the interior of the base. Valis
and Kivi took the front with Brian as they walked through halls filled with
workers and monitors, the rest followed.
    “Have you
received word from the other bases?” Valis asked.
    “A few days ago
a number encoded messages came through the pipeline,” Grigon said. “The Alaska
and Siberia bases are in position at the Confederation border. The Sahara and
Death Valley bases have been stopped short by the Mylor but not detained. It
seems the old cats are taking their time deciding what to do with them.”
    “Those names
sound strange,” Kivi said.
    “Valis told me
to choose them,” Brian said.
    “Given the lack
of knowledge about Terrans here in space the code names sound like nonsense to
those who don’t know anything about his homeworld,” Valis said. “By the way,
what’s the code came for this base?”
Brian said.
    “How many bases
does Heaven’s Light have?” Seles asked as she moved next to Brian.
    “Eight,” Grigon
answered. “The four border bases are strictly for observation of the Grey
forces. The other four are spread throughout Confederation controlled space.”
    “Have they
sniffed any of them out?” Kivi asked.
    Grigon cawed. “A
year ago they uncovered the Nevada base, but it moved before they could close in
on it. The Sicily and Hong Kong bases are hidden for the moment. All the
supplies and intelligence have been put into place.”
    “How’s the
financial front?” Valis asked.
    “The Kalaidian
and Shandi governments have been quite generous in their donations,” Grigon
said. “But independently wealthy individuals like me and Veda have contributed
as well.”
    The group
entered a large room full of monitors and holographic planning tables. Grigon
waved his hand and the three Malcovin workers took their leave. The old birdman
took the metal rod he carried and placed it inside the center table to activate
the base’s systems. One by one the monitors came on and displayed the position
of various military forces in a hundred different star systems. The monitor
showing the Kein estate on Dega Jul revealed the encirclement had been lifted.
    “It seems the
Degan government didn’t like the interference,” Kivi said.
    “The riots in
the streets

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