Friends and Enemies (Gwen Farris Book 5)

Friends and Enemies (Gwen Farris Book 5) by P.S. Power Read Free Book Online

Book: Friends and Enemies (Gwen Farris Book 5) by P.S. Power Read Free Book Online
Authors: P.S. Power
around the idea of that happening. The man had used spheres for that kind of thing before, so it wasn't the basic concept, Gwen didn't think. That was a known thing, if an uncommon and expensive one.
    It wasn't until Heather, looking tall and polite, whistled , that Gwen figured out that it was about her being awesome, not Robert being too stupid to understand what had taken place.
    Her alternate self shook her head a little.
    "That's impressive . I don't think we have anyone that can do that. It's... Well, not impossible, but no one does it. I hear it isn't very pleasant. Enough so that no one that can bring themselves to do it twice, even under torture. We..." She looked at the far wall, and then turned to face Beth, her face miserable. "We need to get her into training for it now , before she can learn to avoid the pain of it. I... She was just stabbed though. Part of me wants to just hide this from the others, or even to see if Adam will let it go, but... Her plan?"
    It was strange, but it seemed like Heather was getting teary eyed over the whole thing. Even though she, and her family of super soldiers didn't face as bad or worse every day of the week. Gwen nodded along though, since she had been stuck like a pillow. Just lying there, dozing like a moron, while hired killers had her surrounded. It nearly made her feel like she was losing her mind for a moment, since a horrible sense of fear overtook her as she thought about it.
    That would be due to the horrible pain that Heather was suggesting. Gwen had been under enough Westmorland training that she knew that doing it again was going to suck. Hard and long, and not in a way that would expand her narrow sense of sexuality. It was just going to be awful.
    Damn it. She wanted to take the way out that was being offered. That was what Heather was doing too. Offering to let it go, and not make a big deal of the whole thing. Claim that she was too injured for any kind of training like that. Her head really hurt, and so did her side. She was still gasping, and that didn't make anything in her world any better. Not even a tiny bit. Beth was busily looking down too, and away.
    Because Gwen really did have a plan, and part of that was learning to rift. Blow up like a nuclear bomb. Once she could hold that pattern, if she learned enough other skills, she was going to build radiatives for it, so that people wouldn't have to sacrifice their lives in order to kill others. Though, that wasn't really the reason, was it? She was planning to do that because the Westmorlands needed to be free, and treated like equals in this world.
    Basically, she was planning to give this world nuclear bombs in trade for their super-soldiers. It was a fair trade, if she could pull it off. Not that the Westmorlands she knew were going to really be helped all that much by what she was doing. No, the effects of it all wouldn't be felt for years, if at all. Learning to rift was just one part of the whole thing.
    The truth was, she probably couldn't pull off even learning that much. It was, in the end, why Ferdinand was willing to let her even try. Not because he wanted her to waste her time and effort, but because the man knew that no one as old and new to magic as she was could really do it. So it was safe to let her try.
    He had told her, many times, that he still remembered her helping to save their world, and that he'd give her anything she asked for. Anything. Now she got it. He'd been offering to have sex with her. She grinned at the concept, since the man hadn't meant that at all. If he had, he probably would have just said so. He was a king. If he wanted a little poorly performed Gwen lovin, the man could have gotten it. He wasn't exactly old, or hard on the eyes. So it wasn't that.
    It occurred to her that he might have been hinting that they could have gotten married. It was about the worst thing she could imagine though. As it was she needed to get on the telestator and have a chat with Christophe,

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