From The Shadows (From The Shadows #1)

From The Shadows (From The Shadows #1) by Line F. Nielsen Read Free Book Online

Book: From The Shadows (From The Shadows #1) by Line F. Nielsen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Line F. Nielsen
too” He whispered against my lips, and in a teasing rumple he told me “Now go get ready woman, we need to get you to work in half an hour”.
    Then he smacked my butt so I yelped out in surprise “Hey…” then I giggled all the way to the bathroom.
    Chapter 7
    Nathan rolled into the parking lot in front of La Scala .
    “When does you shift end?” He asked
    I shrugged with my shoulders and told him I didn’t know for sure because Sasha had texted me that she was sick and therefore wouldn’t be at work today. “I think I will get her dinner shift too but I won’t know for sure until I see Mr. Leban”.
    “Okay, text me when you know so I can come get you?”
    “Nate you really don’t have to pick me up… I can catch a ride with one of the guys or take a bus”
    I could see something wasn’t right with him, in the way his eyes narrowed a friction when I said that, but I wasn’t sure if it was his possessive streak showing like it had in the club when I had danced with Tim, one of my male coworkers, or if he worried about Mike showing up. I kind of felt like it was a bit of both. He wouldn’t like another man taking me home because he had claimed me now and the alpha gene in him was not letting any other man take care of his woman. And on top of it we were both on needles because we knew at some point, soon, Mike would try to seek me out, he knew where I worked, and soon he would find out that I hadn’t just left him, I was living with his friend. Temporarily anyway. It was clear that Nathan had no good will left towards Mike anymore, but Mike would still try to sneak his way in to get what he wanted, that or he would flip. Well, when we thought about it we were both pretty sure it would be the latter. And then if flipping out didn’t get him anywhere he might go for the first.
    Seriously how could I ever have thought I loved a guy like that? It gave me Goosebumps to think of how he had treated me and it was definitely the bad kind of Goosebumps, the kind that followed the feeling of cold water running down your spine.
    I did in no way enjoy the thought that maybe he could show up here and the worse one; that he would show up here today. I just knew it in my gut and I think Nathan did so too.
    Nathan grabbed my hand and pulled me to him so I was sitting over his lap, facing him. “I would feel better if I could pick you up Nik...” He told me in a soft voice. ”It is in no way a hassle, okay?” He continued while he was looking into my eyes with a slightly pleading expression on his face.
    I stared back into his gorgeous green eyes and nodded before verbally agreeing as well, and as soon as I had I could see the worry and tension disappear from his body.
    I then leaned in to brush my lips over his and he ran his right hand into the hair at my neck, to hold me still, as he overtook my mouth. His other hand went to my waist to pull me even closer to his body. I moaned out loud and all motivation I had for working went out the window as I gave into his assault. His tongue was hot and propping in my mouth and I could feel him growing hard underneath me. God how I wanted him, but I had to go earn some money so I could find my own place.
    “Nate we have to stop.. I need to go work”
    “Drop work and come back home with me” he said in a seductive voice as he started to kiss down my neck, making me whimper and making me grow wet down under.
    “You.. Know.. I.. Can’t..” I answered in between breaths though my will to do anything else but to take him deep into my womb was dissolving. Had he asked me to ride him right there I was not sure I could have said no or even wanted to. But he didn’t, he knew better than to try to push me when it came to work, so he returned his lips to mine and gave me a last kiss goodbye before I had to crawl off his lap and jump out of his truck.
    When I stepped into the restaurant I was soon put to work because we had a lot of reservations to get ready for, which was

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