From Yesterday

From Yesterday by Miriam Epstein Read Free Book Online

Book: From Yesterday by Miriam Epstein Read Free Book Online
Authors: Miriam Epstein
stalks toward me as though I'm his prey. When he is inches away, he lowers his forehead to touch mine. "You hit your head hard on that table, Paige. I saw that you were dizzy. I don't know anything about what is going on with you and I know you're not going to tell me, but I'm not going to let you have no one to worry about you when you're hurt. I would like to know that you are okay. Okay?"
    "Thank you, Brady. Really. I'm fine, though, so you can sleep knowing that I'll wake up in the morning."
    He says nothing, just stares at me for another minute or two, and then moves to the couch and begins moving the throw pillows around.
    "What are you doing?"
    His reply is a bit muffled since he doesn't bother to turn around or look up. "I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. No arguing, it's happening. Would you mind grabbing me a blanket or something? Your apartment is an igloo."
    An ironic smile touches my lips. "You wouldn't have said that a few hours ago. My air conditioning was busted. That's why I was out tonight. I didn't want to be here until it got taken care of."
    He looks up, finally. "Really? How strange. They had the maintenance crew out here for that a week ago. Anything wrong should have been caught then."
    I wave my hand in the air. "I abuse the hell out of the thermostat. I'm still not used to this heat and humidity so I run the thing constantly on full blast."
    "It still shouldn't have had problems. This is a pretty new building. Too soon for things to start breaking down and needing repairs."
    I look to the side and gesture with my arms as if presenting something. "Yeah, well, leave it to me to always get the shaft."
    I have foot-in-mouth disease. I look at him and immediately clasp my hand over my mouth, expecting the worst at any moment. Brady must have the worlds best poker face. His facial expression remains exactly as calm as it was before I started talking about shafts. I can't believe he isn't going to make fun of me at all.
    And just when I think I'm getting away with that, he raises one eyebrow and says, "Yeah, well, I'm not going to touch that one."


    We are at Turner's apartment for over an hour before I start to bug my sister about leaving for the dance. She clearly doesn't want to go, but I can tell she feels a bit guilty that I'm restless.
    "Just a couple more minutes, Rebecca, I promise," she tells me and pats my leg as if to stay me.
    "Maybe Turner could just come with us to the dance?" I ask.
    Nicole shakes her head. "No, he went to school there a few years ago. The last thing I need is one of my teachers to recognize him and call Mama to tell her I'm with an older guy. Or any guy that isn't Justin."
    Turner chimes in, and I dislike him even more. "What's wrong, Sweetie? I doubt you're dying to go to this school dance. You're determined to be a cock-block, aren't you? Keep reading that book and it will go by in no time."
    I turn red and look back down at my phone, where I am using the electronic reader. Nicole gets up, abruptly, making both Turner and I jump. "Don't speak to her like that, Turner. Please apologize."
    Turner laughs. "What is the big deal? Are you kidding me right now? It was a joke."
    I can tell when Nicole is becoming angry even if no one else can. There is a quiet fury in the way she holds herself; a rage that can erupt and yet be so elegant you never even realize she just took you down a few notches until much later. It is a gift. I can see this start to happen now. "Not a funny joke, Turner."
    The way she sneers his name when she says it has so much disdain in it that I almost feel bad for him. The guy just went from being prime in her eyes, to the lowest form of scum on the bottom of her shoe and he knows it. He turns to look at me and I tremble. I have definitely ruined this guy's night. He puts a hand on Nicole's arm, still shooting dirty looks my way. "Sit down, Babe."
    Nicole shrugs him off. "No. Apologize to Rebecca, and make it sound like you are very, very

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