Front Man: The Complete Trilogy

Front Man: The Complete Trilogy by Adora Bell Read Free Book Online

Book: Front Man: The Complete Trilogy by Adora Bell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Adora Bell
sell another copy, right?”
    “Even so. That's it for me. My
career. My whole fucking life...who's gonna want to work with me now?
Who's going to buy a ticket to see this?”
    “Hey, come on buddy, all
publicity's good publicity, right? You're a rock star, a
little bit of notoriety never hurt.”
    “Not like this. As far as they're
all concerned, I'm practically a fucking murderer.” There were
tears in Jack's eyes, his hands balled into tight fists.
    “We'll call a press conference.
Call them out on their bullshit. You've done nothing wrong, you've
got nothing to worry about.”
    “Hah! Since when was that any
help? They'll rip me to shreds. If I talk, they're going to keep
digging, and then they'll find out about Laura...I can't have all
that raked up, Jared, I just can't.”
    Jared sighed. He cared for Jack like a
son, but at the same time, he had the rest of the band to think
about. There were schedules, contracts...income that he depended on.
    “'ve had a good run,
kept certain things from the public for a long time now. But now this
has happened, and we can't change that. Wouldn't it be better to just
come clean now? Tell the world what happened before some dickhead
with a notebook gets hold of it. They'll understand, I promise. Hell,
I bet they'll even respect you for it.”
    “No. Not gonna happen. Not now,
not ever.”Jared reached out and squeezed his shoulder.
    “Ok buddy, I get it. So no press
    “No, no fucking press
    “Right, fine. No worries. You
just go out on stage tonight with your head held high, and show 'em
you're not going to stand for their gossip.”
    “I'm not going to the gig tonight
Jared. I can't.”
    “Jack, the boys all want to go
ahead. They're behind you, one hundred percent, but we've got a tour
to finish. The show must go on, right?”
    “They can do it without me. Mike
can take the vocal, he knows how. He's been wanting the lead for long
enough now.”
    “Jack...come on, if you don't
show then they'll assume there's some truth to this. And there isn't,
    Jack whipped his head round and looked
the older man in the eye.
    “Are you seriously asking me
that? Seriously? You know my fucking history man, do you really
think...? Fuck.”
    “Hey, hey, Jacky boy, relax. I
was just...I know you would have done anything for Laura. Maybe one
time, you were trying to help her out...I just mean, if there's any
substance to this, any at all, I need to know so we can do damage
    “Get the fuck out, Jared. I mean
it. Before I do something I'll regret.”
    'Okay, okay, I'm sorry....look, we need
to be at the venue by six. Think about it. I'll call you later.”
    “Just leave me the fuck alone.”
    “You're a good guy, Jack. You
can't punish yourself forever. It's not worth throwing away your
career for.”
    As the door clicked shut, Jack let his
head sink into his hands. He had never felt so alone in his whole


    Sara felt self-conscious as she
approached the check in desk. Half way to the airport, she had almost
told the cab to turn around...all this was just too crazy to be true.
But then, she never thought she'd get to meet Jack maybe
crazy dreams come true some times. She smiled at the pretty blonde
behind the counter and held out her passport.
    “There, um, should be a ticket
for collection.”
    The attendant examined her details and
the computer screen for a few moments, before breaking into a
brilliant smile.
    “Ah yes, here we are Madam. One
first class ticket to Paris via London, leaving on the 1.30. No
checked luggage? Okay, if you follow this corridor through security,
then you'll just need to show your boarding card to access the Gold
Lounge. Have an excellent flight.”
    Sara read and reread the ticket in her
hand. First class? Wow. She didn't even like to think what that had
cost. Looking down at her faded skinny jeans and comfy sweatshirt,
she wished she'd dressed up a little more. With a wry

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