Fulfilling Her Fantasy

Fulfilling Her Fantasy by Tabitha Black Read Free Book Online

Book: Fulfilling Her Fantasy by Tabitha Black Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tabitha Black
and nodded as much as she could with the thick, pulsating shaft of
him deep in her mouth.
girl. You let me fuck your throat and then I'll fuck you until you're begging
me to stop." He smacked her sharply with the crop once more. "Would
you like that?"
nodded again, then, as he began to slide in and out of her, going a little
deeper each time, she closed her eyes.
Dominick the reality was turning out to be even better than the fantasy…

Tabitha Black
    I've been lucky enough to be able to combine my two
great passions in life - writing and BDSM - since 2005.
    In real life, I'm both submissive and a masochist.
Of course I use elements of what I've experienced when writing fiction, and
most of my leading men are loosely based on what I find attractive in a
Top/Daddy/Dominant/Sadist, but it's equally important to note that my stories are
strictly fantasy.
    As well as writing erotic novellas, I've worked as
a glamour model, a business copywriter and a chat host.   Now I'm finally in a position where I
can focus more on writing fiction again, which makes me very happy. If you want
to hear more from/about me, you can check out my blog here , or join my Facebook page . I would love
to hear from you!
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Rosie’s Rolutions
    By Maggie Ryan

    Chapter 1
    Rosa paced in front of her
bed, one hand holding her cell phone to her ear, the other waving the papers
she had been contemplating—again. Silver, as her dear friend was to be
addressed while at the Castle, was actually here. She had flown all the way
from Australia to Ohio, and Rosa had just promised to be there to greet her
when she stepped off the bus that would bring her to the Castle.
    "Thanks, Rosie. You've
really helped reassure me." Silver's voice did sound far calmer than it
had at the beginning of the conversation. Of course, maybe the fact that she'd
admitted she had been hitting the mini-bar in her hotel room was giving her
some much-needed liquid courage as well. Lucky girl—alcohol was basically
prohibited at the Castle so Rosa didn't have that choice.
    "What are friends for?
I can't wait to see you, Silver. I'll see you after you go through
orientation," Rosa reassured her once more before saying goodbye.
    Pushing the button to end
the call, she tossed the phone onto the bed before flopping down beside it,
avoiding the eyes she knew were watching her every move, and the ears that,
unfortunately, had overheard most of the conversation. She could practically
hear the gears turning in Bess's head, wondering how on earth Rosa could be so
upbeat and reassuring to her Australian friend when only moments before the
phone had rung she had thrown out the possibility that she was thinking about
withdrawing from the auction—and at the very last moment.
is a very punishable offense, you know," Bess said. "As a Nanny at
the Castle, you know very well that if a Little is caught lying, at the very
least their backside is going to be burning."
Rosa rolled onto her back, the papers in her hand fluttering to fall around
her. "I know, God, I know, but I feel like a ping-pong ball. What the hell
am I going to do?"
shook her head and rose from her chair. "Here's exactly what you are going
to do. You are going to pull up your big girl panties and take those papers
down to Master Marshall's office. As it is, you're really pushing the time
limit." Ignoring Rosa's moan, she reached down and pulled her to a sitting
position. "Come on, you know you want to do this. You've been dreaming
about it since the moment the auction was even announced as being a possibility.
For God's sake, you even wrote out a list of your resolutions for the new year,
and correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't

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