Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson Read Free Book Online

Book: Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dee Henderson
Tags: FIC042000
drivers, truant teenagers, and lost pets—she’s enjoying it. I frankly was surprised to see she took the time to come north, but I’m glad she did. Her work load is pretty heavy.”
    â€œShe flies to relax.”
    â€œI asked one time how many hours in the air she’s logged, and it was over sixteen thousand.”
    â€œShe seeing anybody?” Paul asked casually enough he was pleased at the tone, but there was nothing casual about the question he’d carried in the back of his mind for the better part of a day.
    Dave studied him. “Why are you asking?”
    â€œAnn Silver dropped into a seat in my office today, wandered around through a good story, and cracked open a case that has given me five thousand hours of grief. She knew what she had, and she gave it away. How many ladies like that cross a guy’s path in a career? I already know she’s special. You just added a deeper layer to it. I’d like an answer to my question if you’ll trust me with the information.”
    â€œI don’t know that I want to answer it. I just don’t know. She’s a good friend, and more than that she’s family to Kate and me.”
    Paul could feel the protective wall going up. He’d never seen it happen before. “Dave, give me a break here. Ann Silver caught my interest. She’s your friend. I’m asking.”
    â€œYou said you didn’t want to date a cop. You’ve been real clear on that.”
    â€œYou know I’m not looking for just a date. You know I have in mind something more and have been for quite a while.”
    â€œYou’ve been out with most of the friends Kate and I know, and you’re still looking. I’m not inclined to add Ann to that list.”
    â€œWhat do you want from me?”
    â€œAre we friends?”
    Paul crossed his arms. “You know we are. So why are you raking me over the coals for no crime?”
    â€œJust hear me out. Your father is larger than life. You’re the eldest son, the prince in waiting for the king to die. The Falcon empire and Falcon family responsibilities will fall to you one day soon. And it’s messing up your head. You think you need to be married before you become head of the family. And you’re a cop. You can barely reconcile the two roles. Now you’re looking for a wife who can also bridge the two worlds. I’m not interested in putting Ann in the middle of that tug-of-war.”
    â€œI’m not aiming to get married because of my family.”
    â€œI don’t believe you.”
    â€œBelieve what you want. I’m hoping to get married because I’m tired of being alone when I get home. I’d like a wife to share my life with. I’d like some kids running around. And it’stime. I don’t plan to be the single guy coming to dinner when I’m fifty. I’m also smart enough to consider what being my wife is going to mean for the lady I choose. I want a marriage to survive me becoming head of the Falcon family, not end up scrambled in a mess when she realizes what she got herself into.” A marriage that could survive was at the top of his list. “You want to look me in the eye and tell me Ann Silver couldn’t handle the Falcons?”
    Dave thought about it, then laughed. “It’s the Falcons I’d be worried about. You have no idea who you’re asking about, Paul.”
    â€œSo trust me and give me an answer. Is she seeing anybody?”
    â€œYou said you didn’t want to date a cop,” Dave said again, aggravated. He reached for his office keys and phone. “Let’s go for a walk.”
    Paul had known Dave long enough to not break the silence as Dave sorted out what he wanted to say. The night was turning past dusk and the rush hour had ended, leaving the sidewalks half empty. Dave waited until they were walking along Spring Avenue before he broke the silence.
    â€œAnn is my wife’s best

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