Games (Timeless Series)

Games (Timeless Series) by Sandy Loyd Read Free Book Online

Book: Games (Timeless Series) by Sandy Loyd Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sandy Loyd
I love the attention from all my beaux, no one strikes my fancy enough to cause me to lose my head.”
    “That’s because none of them are Simon Harrington.”
    Feeling heat rise up her cheeks, Giselle quickly shook her head. “ Non . Not true.” Her gaze moved to a couple of yearlings frolicking in the pasture beyond.
    “Oh , yes it is and don’t you dare deny it.” Libby gave an unladylike snort. “I was present that day. And even though most of my attention was on Colin, I kept an eye on the two of you. You both seemed to be taken with each other. Whatever happened to him, anyway? I thought for sure he’d be beating a path to your door sooner or later.”
    “He is unsuitable.” Giselle shrugged, keeping her gaze on the horses in the distant pasture and hiding her annoyance that Libby had unearthed her secret crush.
    Libby clucked, her expression saying the denial hadn’t persuaded her. “He seemed very suitable to me, not to mention very good-looking.”
    “I can tell you since you will not spread the tale. Simon is a US marshal. We were introduced in Paris just after I turned sixteen.” Giselle met Libby’s skeptical gaze. “It took two years to finally dance with him, despite all my attempts to catch his attention. He seemed as taken with me as I was of him and I thought I had found the one. Then one night at a state dinner just before we were to leave for Kentucky, I noticed Simon and my father deep in conversation. I was so excited because I thought maybe he was asking for my hand.” She broke off. Her focus moved over the barren December landscape, now more brown than green. “Yet when I asked my father about that meeting, I was sadly disappointed.”
    “My, we’ re already calling him Simon.” Libby’s voice held teasing. When Giselle stayed quiet, studying her hands, she pressed. “You can’t stop now that you’ve piqued my curiosity.”
    “There is not much more to tell.” Giselle offered a nonchalant rise of her shoulders. “My father merely gave me some good advice. He told me a man like Simon would break my heart if I let him get too close. The special cases he is involved with keep him traveling all over the world for the US government—much like my father’s did. He never stays in one place long enough to form an attachment, and if he ever did, he would soon be long gone, so the attachment would be broken eventually.”
    “I see .” Libby nodded, remaining silent. Finally she spoke. “So, he’s one of those who can’t commit? Your father did what Simon does now, and look how he turned out.”
    “Yes . But he wanted what my mother had to offer. He fell in love with her and knew it was time for him to quit.” A sad feeling crept into her heart. “He compromised and changed his life for love. My father warned me that Simon is different. He is not looking for love. In fact, his job is his main love, so I doubt I will be seeing him again. And if perchance I do, I will know to step aside. The man is nothing but trouble.”
    “Well, it’s a shame.” Libby sighed . “He did seem nice enough. But I can see why you don’t want the heartache if he can’t commit.” Her eyebrows lifted inquisitively. “So, I take it Bradford doesn’t make your heart skip beats?”
    Giselle’s chuckle rose up. “ Non . I like him well enough, but I cannot entirely determine why he does not excite me. Something about him makes me hesitate. It might have to do with the fact that he pays quite a lot of attention to his mama.” She exhaled a lengthy breath. “To be honest, none of the men I know excite me.” Grinning, she caught Libby’s attention and winked. “Who knows? I may end up an old maid right here on the farm along with Minnie and Maizie.”
    “No.” Libby’s head went from side to side. “Not you.”
    “Humph,” she said, unconvinced .
    “You’ll see .” Libby laughed, still shaking her head. “Someone will sweep you away when you’re least expecting it, and you’re

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