Going Hard: Boys of Fall

Going Hard: Boys of Fall by Cari Quinn Read Free Book Online

Book: Going Hard: Boys of Fall by Cari Quinn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cari Quinn
exaggerated wiggle as she lined up her shot. She’d thought about playing the clueless female, but she didn’t want to play that kind of game.
    Right now, she just wanted to win and have some fun.
    She drew her elbow back and released. The stick hit the cue ball with an extra dose of spin and the balls scattered, two dropping into pockets. Both of them stripes.
    “Damn,” Todd muttered.
    She grinned up at him. “Small-town girl. All we do is play pool.”
    Bobby came back with two beers and a recognizable red and black label for her.
    She took a second shot and sank another stripe, then took her Original Sin cider from Bobby with a smile of thanks. The cap was firmly in place. Nice.
    It sucked having to be so careful, but in this day and age, it was more than necessary.
    She sneaked a glance at Rafe and found his gaze was steady on hers. Not that he would’ve let the guys do anything to her drink. She might doubt some things about Rafe, but his eagle-eyed ability to watch out for her wasn’t one of them.
    Right now that felt kind of good.
    After prying the top off with the opener Todd offered from his keyring, she took a healthy sip and set it on the rail, then tapped her stick on the side pocket to call her shot.
    She scratched, but she meant to. No need to trounce the college boys before she had a little fun with them.
    Though in the end, she did end up running the table. Twice.
    In fact, she ended up giving them lessons on their follow-through. The fact that they couldn’t handle a pool stick probably meant their personal follow-through wasn’t much better. Then again, Rafe could play a mean game and his closer had been less than stellar, too.
    Rafe laid a twenty on the rail. “Care to make it interesting? You know, since you’re in teacher mode.” He cocked his head. “Let’s see if you can school me.”

    H ollie sighed . Why did he have to come over and ruin everything?
    “It’s okay, guys. You don’t have to say yes.”
    “You know this dude?” Todd asked.
    “Yes, this is Rafe.”
    Bobby stood up straighter and sucked in his little beer gut. It was kind of adorable.
    “I don’t think it’s really fair for us to play them, Rafe.”
    “Who said us?” Rafe pulled a stick from the case. “I’ll take you as my partner.” He pointed at Bobby.
    “Uh, I’m not sure.”
    “Don’t worry, pal.” Rafe slapped him on the arm and Bobby shifted over two steps. “I won’t hurt you. Just going to show you a few more tips that Hollie here doesn’t quite know.”
    Todd looked from Hollie to Rafe. “Dude, we don’t want to get in between anything.”
    Rafe lifted his beer to his lips. “Hollie and I are just friends, right, Hol?”
    She frowned. Were they going to whip it out and start pissing rings around her? “Yes, we’re both from Quinn. Rafe is harmless.”
    As a rattlesnake, she added mentally.
    She wasn’t quite sure what had gotten into him tonight.
    She also didn’t want to study just how much she was enjoying it. Nope, that was how she’d ended up naked the last time. Lured in by the testosterone and sex appeal, then her orgasm had been dashed on the rocks like a lost boat without a lighthouse.
    That got phallic.
    Rafe dug out his own quarter and flipped it into the air then slapped it to the felt. “Heads or tails, boys?”
    “Tails,” Todd stammered.
    She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. If Wade and Colt had been there, the trifecta of intimidation would have been complete. Oh joy.
    Rafe lifted his hand. “Tails. It’s your lucky day.” He locked his gaze with her. “Guess you get to break.”
    That had way more meaning than this table.
    In fact, she wondered just how intense he could get if he spread her out on said table.
    And danger. There was danger all over that. Flag on the play!
    She gestured to Todd. “You break this time.”
    Todd went to the end of the table and racked the balls then broke. It wasn’t a bad break. Wasn’t a good one either, but at

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