Goody Two Shoes

Goody Two Shoes by Laura Cooper Read Free Book Online

Book: Goody Two Shoes by Laura Cooper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laura Cooper
the ancestral home.
    The cottage had been constructed when Evangeline had come to live with us originally; it was her living quarters at the time.  My mother, Christina Devereux, had been smart enough not to allow a beautiful young nanny to live inside her home with her husband.  If only she had been smart enough to avoid small pox, Evangeline would surely still inhabit this tiny structure and Christina herself would be inside greeting her husband’s mourners.
    Jonathon reached the doorway behind me and put his hand on my shoulder.  “Are you sure we should be out here?  It is your father’s funeral after all.”
    I turned around to face him and said, “Don’t be ridiculous, Jonathon!  One should never allow circumstances to delay entertainment.”
    I felt his massive hands on my back.  His hands were not those of a physical laborer; they were manicured, plush and long.  They trailed across my skin masterfully, through the now open back of my dress and around to cup my heavy breasts.  My nipples hardened under his touch, and my skin crawled with desire.  Jonathon spread the back of my dress and slid it over my shoulders, allowing it to fall into a heap of starched linen on the floor below.  In a moment of oddity, Jonathon bent down to pick up the dress; my eyes followed his curious move.  He lifted the dress and held it by the shoulders carefully, searching the room for a suitable location to park it.  Finding a long discarded chair in the corner, he gently propped the garment over its back.  I followed his every move with interest and lifted my eyebrows in question.  “Well, it’s linen.  It will be a wrinkled mess if we leave it there!” he said.
    I couldn’t help but laugh.  This was one unique man!  I watched with even greater curiosity as he unbuttoned each of the tiny blue attachments on his Brooks Brother’s shirt.  Curly blond hairs pierced through his broad chest.  Without removing his shirt, simply leaving it open, he unleashed his belt and reached for the zipper. 
    “Here let me help you with that!”  I rushed to assist, noticing the trembling in his hands.  I’m all too aware that this is an unusual situation, and I can’t blame him for a small panic attack.  But this is a day of release.  Evangeline is released from a life of servitude and with her freedom, I too am un-caged.  Being her sole source of comfort all of these years hadn’t been a vacation.  I feel the need to express that, and Jonathon just happened to offer to walk into the Garden with me.
    Kneeling in front of him, I faced his zipper head on.  I slowly pulled the metal clasp down; his cock sprang from the enclosure like a ravenous beast having its cage door finally opened.  I chuckled, maybe he wasn’t as intimidated by this unexpected foray as I’d imaged.
    “Oh great, just what every man looks forward to when they drop their pants… laughter,” Jonathon groaned.
    “Lord no Jonathon, its perfect.  I mean seriously look at how long it is!  It’s like you, long and tall!” I giggled again running my fingers up and down its spine playfully.  “I was just thinking that my dragging you out here suddenly might be uh… scary… things might not pop up right away under those circumstances.” I continued to trace my fingertips around the head as I spoke.  “But this big guy attacked me as soon as I opened the door!”
    Jonathon joined my humor, “Okay, okay!  I might not have been completely honest about why I came here today.  Let’s just say that I may have had a fantasy about you once or twice…”
    I met its gaze without fear; my passion for him was stronger than anything I’d ever felt.  It could’ve been be the desperate need I had for release right then, but I know I’d never experienced anything quite so strong.  I turned back to the serious matter in my hand.  It was a bit longer than any I’d had before, but its girth was easily sustainable.  Flicking my tongue to test its

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