Hamish X and the Hollow Mountain

Hamish X and the Hollow Mountain by Sean Cullen Read Free Book Online

Book: Hamish X and the Hollow Mountain by Sean Cullen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sean Cullen
phenomena will one day be explained by science.”

    â€œWow, that sounds like a lot o’ fun. In the meantime, I’ll tell ya a great story about the man with a hook fer a head …”
    Parveen sighed again. “This seems already implausible to me.”
    Mimi ignored him and began her story.
    â€œIt were a dark night, sumthin’ similar to tonight, in fact. There weren’t no moon and two young kids, we’ll call ’em Parveen and Mimi just fer simplicity’s sake. Anyway, they was out walkin’ in the woods and they was lost …”
    â€œDid they have a flashlight?”
    â€œNo, they got caught unawares and din’t know they would need one,” Mimi said.
    â€œWhy would we go out walking in the woods on a moonless night with no light source?”
    â€œIt’s just a story.”
    â€œI find it unlikely that I would venture out on such a trek without even pausing to make sure I would be able to see adequately.”
    â€œAll right! All right!” Mimi rolled her eyes. “Fine. We got a flashlight. Happy?”
    â€œNot happy; it merely seems more likely.”
    â€œWhatever. Mimi and Parveen out in the woods. They’re walkin’ along and they’re lost. They can’t see a thing—”
    â€œI thought we had a—”
    â€œThe batteries wore out! We’re walkin’ along and we hear a sound like somebody is followin’ us, but every time we stop … it stops.”
    Mimi took on a serious expression and pushed up imaginary glasses. “‘Maybe it’s an echo of some description. Or perhaps these woods are haunted.’” It was a quite passable impersonation of Parveen.
    â€œThat doesn’t really sound like me.”

    â€œI think it does.”
    â€œWell, I would never say that.”
    â€œQuiet,” Mimi snapped. “And Mimi says, ‘Yeah, they’re haunted all right: by the ghost o’ that guy who killed people with a big hook. He eventually got his head chopped off by an angry lumberjack but now he wanders these woods lookin’ fer his lost head. He’s got a hook on his shoulders where his head used ta be.’”
    â€œThat is ridiculous.”
    â€œQuiet. My story! Get it? Okay, anyway … Parveen says, ‘Oh Mimi, I am experiencing such fear. Please protect me.’”
    â€œOh, this is completely unendurable …”
    â€œâ€˜Don’t worry, Parveen. I’ll pretect ya.’ Just then, they heard a twig snap …”
    Out in the night an owl hooted, causing them both to jump.
    Mimi crowed and pointed at Parveen. “See! Ya are scared! Ha!”
    â€œNot in the least.”
    Bright lights shone down, burning through his closed eyelids. He moaned. Voices spoke nearby.
    â€œHe’s stirring,” Mr. Candy’s voice announced. “Increase the dose of sedative.”
    â€œIt’s already dangerously high.” The Professor sounded worried. “We don’t want to lose another one.”
    â€œThere are more boys where this one came from,” said Mr. Sweet. “Increase the dosage, Professor.”
    A shuddering sigh. “As you wish.”
    Hamish felt the pain lessen slightly, fading to a throbbing ache that emanated from his legs.

    â€œExcellent. Now apply the interface units, Professor. Then the process is complete.”
    â€œAs you wish,” the Professor said again, sounding resigned. “Applying now.”
    There was a pause, then a strange sensation: a cool, slick substance surrounded Hamish’s feet. He murmured softly.
    â€œThe interface units are in place.”
    â€œExcellent. Activate.”
    â€œMr. Sweet, shouldn’t we wait until I’ve run more tests—” the Professor began.
    â€œDo as you’re told, Professor. Consider this the only test you will have the opportunity to

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