Hand of Thorns

Hand of Thorns by Ashley Beale Read Free Book Online

Book: Hand of Thorns by Ashley Beale Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ashley Beale
supposed flaws are exactly what they want in a surrogate mother.
    I don't know anything about them yet. Currently I'm sitting in the waiting room of Tranquil Mind Surrogacy, a bundle of nerves. My palms sweat while I look around the orange waiting room, and my stomach churns each time the door opens for someone to walk through. Any moment now my name is going to be called to speak with a coordinator, then I get to meet the potential parents, so long as everyone turns out the way they're predicting it to.
    I know still not to get my hopes up, but I'm becoming more hopeful each passing moment- and equally as nauseous, too. This could determine a whole new path for my future. I could finish out school, help my mom with the family home, pay off the debt that is already starting to arise in my early adult life, and at the same time, I am helping a family grow into something incredible. I know even if it doesn't work out, it probably wasn't meant to happen, but it doesn't stop me from feeling anxious over it all.
    Finally my time comes when the nurse calls my name to walk into the backroom with her. We have to take a few different hallways to meet in a room which is large and extremely serene. There are several comfortable chairs placed strategically around the room to all face one another. They look equally relaxing. I take the offered seat as the nurse leaves. A lady sits across from me, a clipboard already in hand.
    "So," she begins. "I'm Marney, the intended parent coordinator that you spoke with on the phone Friday. How are you feeling this morning?"
    To be honest, I make sure to tell her the only thing I can. "Nervous."
    She smiles sweetly, nodding her head in agreement while she grips the sides of the clipboard. "I understand that. I was twenty three and going through a divorce when I decided to help a couple extend their family through surrogacy. I was a ball of nerves for weeks prior until weeks into the pregnancy. There is a lot to be nervous for, so I won't tell you otherwise, what I will tell you is that we are here for you through the entire process, even for months after delivery."
    I take in a deep breath of relief. "That is always good to hear."
    "We want you to feel as comfortable as you possibly can. Any time you have any uncertainty, any questions, feel strongly about something, whatever it is please work with us. Speak up and seek advice. We're not here to watch over you, we're here to guide you."
    "Thank you." I can't think of anything else to say. However, I do know that I like Marney already. She is sweet yet to the point. I feel comfortable in her presence in no time at all.
    With another smile, she glances down at the clipboard, which is holding a packet full of paper. "So, the couple we are looking at is not yet married but have been together for four years. He is in his mid-twenties, she is in her forties. They are seeking surrogacy due to personal reasonings, not medical. Everything I tell you about them you should take into consideration, because this isn't just about them and the baby, this is about you as well. The way it will work in this particular case is that they have the egg and sperm, they basically just need your body to cook and carry it. We will get more into the scientific scheme later on, but you have to agree with those terms to continue."
    "So this baby will not be mine at all? No blood line… nothing?"
    "Nope. Think of your body as an incubator, out for rent."
    "Okay. Yeah, I like that idea actually. I thought I had to use my own eggs."
    "In some cases that would happen, but not in this one. If you're fully understanding and agree to those terms, please sign here." She passes me the clipboard where there is an X marked next to a line for my signature. I sign it.
    She then goes over the point that the parents are known celebrities, and they would prefer to keep this behind closed doors. I'm permitted to tell two people, whom I need to write down on a piece of paper. They are supposed to

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