Hard Curves (Dangerous Curves Book 2)

Hard Curves (Dangerous Curves Book 2) by Marysol James Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Hard Curves (Dangerous Curves Book 2) by Marysol James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marysol James
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Sex, Women's Fiction
the sight of Naomi standing there. She was in a dress and high heeled knee-high boots today, and his eyes roamed over her body hungrily. God , what she’d be like to get his hands on – all soft curves and silky smoothness, he imagined. It would be a miracle and a gift to touch her, just once.
    “Morning, Naomi. How you doing today?”
    She was staring at him with a very serious expression on her face. “I’m fine. Can we talk privately for one minute?”
    If they were going to be private, then talking wasn’t what he wanted to do with her, but he nodded and followed her in to her office. She shut the door behind him, then sat at her desk. That serious look hadn’t gone anywhere and now he began to get a bit worried.
    “The organization received a huge anonymous transfer in to its bank account this morning,” she said, getting straight to the point. “One million dollars.”
    “Wow.” King’s face was carefully arranged in a politely puzzled expression. “That’s amazing.”
    “It is. I also can’t accept it.”
    He paused. “Why not?”
    “Because it’s way too much.”
    “Well.” King grinned at her. “I’m sure that the anonymous donor can afford it – otherwise they’d never have sent it, huh?”
    “I’m sure that the anonymous donor meant well, but it’s just… it’s so much money. Aren’t they worried about how it will be spent?”
    He shrugged. “I suspect the donor did some research in to you and the program, and is fully confident that the money will be put to good use, and that you can be trusted to oversee its spending.”
    “How can the donor be so sure?”
    He smiled at her now and her stomach fell smack on to the floor. The crinkles around his eyes were simply the damn sexiest things she’d ever seen, and she idly wondered how old the man was. If she had to guess, she’d put him at about thirty-four, three years older than her. He was sheer strength and power and confidence, and she just
he’d be a master in the bedroom: controlled and wild at the same time.
    “Because the donor thinks the world of you… or so I would imagine.”
    That stopped her. She caught her breath at the look on his face.
    “You – the donor does?”
    “Yes. I’m quite sure the donor does.”
    “The donor barely knows me,” she said quietly.
    “He knows enough.”
    She bit her lip, thinking about the depth and breadth of her secrets. The alcoholic drinking, and all the dark and horrible places it had taken her over the years. “He doesn’t know anything really important.”
    “He’d like to, though.”
    “He – he would?”
    “What – how – what does that mean?”
    “Well.” King leaned forward a bit. “Maybe – just maybe – the donor would like to take you for dinner tonight, and find out some important things.”
    Holy fuck . Naomi went from cautious flirtation to panic mode in the wink of an eye. She had to shut this down, and now. She stood up, putting even more space between them.
    “Maybe he would. Unfortunately, since the donation was anonymous, I have no way of finding out who he might be, so going for dinner is out of the question. Assuming it even is a ‘he’ – it could well be a ‘she’, you know.”
    King blinked at her lightning-quick change in mood. “Uh, well. That’s true.”
    “Yes, it is. And anyway, mixing business and pleasure is always a mistake, in my experience, and it’s an even bigger mistake when this amount of money is involved." Her whole body was cold with anger and fear. "For example, if the donor gave the organization that much money only because he – or she – expected something from me in return, that would be quite unethical. A real conflict of interest.”
    King froze.
    “It could almost be seen as pre-payment for services expected to be rendered.” The temperature in the room was sub-zero now. “Don’t you think?”
    Jesus Christ… is she actually accusing me of giving her the money so that I can get the

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