Hard Curves (Dangerous Curves Book 2)

Hard Curves (Dangerous Curves Book 2) by Marysol James Read Free Book Online

Book: Hard Curves (Dangerous Curves Book 2) by Marysol James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marysol James
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Sex, Women's Fiction
your day in court. You savvy?"
    Terrified, the men nodded now and King almost heaved a sigh of relief. They'd tell him who was running this operation and he'd pass it all on to a few cops he trusted and worked with all the time, off the record. They'd do what they had to do to get hard evidence and extract confessions the legal way, the way that actually stood up in court. King's way was effective, but it wasn't the stuff of court cases and his name never came up anywhere. King's Men never got any of the glory – and they were all just fine with that.
    Hell, maybe they'd even find those other missing babies. King strongly suspected they'd been sold to shady adoption agencies and he hoped they were safe with some family. He hated to think how hurt the adoptive parents were going to be... unless they were in on it, of course. But beyond tonight, King wasn't involved. He'd done what he'd been hired to do,and that was find Freddie Karr.
    They heard a siren now and King nodded at Knox. "Take him to the ambulance and go with them to the hospital. Call the parents and have them meet you there."
    "OK." Knox carried Freddie away and King turned back to the men.
    "So." He smiled at them. "Who's talking first?"

Chapter Four
    Naomi stared at her work laptop in complete, total, utter shock. The bank balance in front of her made not one lick of earthly sense.
    What the fuck?
    She had checked the bank account before leaving work yesterday and it had contained just under seventy thousand dollars, thanks to an art gallery in Colorado Springs sending payment for a few sold items. But now? It stood at just under seventy thousand dollars – plus another million.
    What the actual fuck?
    Naomi picked up the phone and called Ryan Chang, the organization’s accountant. As she waited for his assistant to put her through, she stared out the window at the Rockies, her thoughts a jumbled mess.
    Matt – did you do this?
    There was a click. “Good morning, Naomi.”
    “Hi, Ryan. I’m calling because –”
    “Oh, I know why you’re calling, believe me.”
    “Yeah. Where the hell did this money come from?”
    “I followed up the second I got the e-mail alert and it turns out, it’s an anonymous donation. It was made yesterday through the accounting firm of Silvers and Edelstein, and they refuse to divulge their client’s name.”
    Goddammit, Matt.
    “They can do that?” she said. “Refuse us the name of the donor?”
    “Oh, yes. Absolutely.”
    “And we can still take the money? That much money?”
    “I double-checked with legal this morning and yes, you can. No problem.”
    “Congratulations, Naomi. That’s an amazing contribution. You’ll be able to do a lot with that, huh?”
    “Yes.” There were tears in her eyes now. “I would have been able to do everything with it.”
    What a shame I won’t be able to accept it.
    King glanced in the rear view mirror, carefully observing the back seat of the SUV. It was very quiet back there, which wasn’t a big surprise, but the level of emotional tension was.
    Callie and Noah may not have been looking at each other – they were both studiously staring out their respective windows, actually – but their body language interested him. For two adults who had a hard time connecting with others and expressing emotion, they were doing all kinds of silent communicating.
    Well, well. This is intriguing.
    He pulled up in front of the Art With Heart Center. Despite his exhaustion from being at the hospital with Freddie's parents all night, he felt a bubble of excitement in his stomach. He hoped, with everything that he had, that Naomi was there now. After last night's ugliness and the stress of the past week, he needed to lay eyes on something bright and beautiful – even just from across the room and even just for a few seconds. That’d hold him for the day.
    The three of them went in. Callie and Noah hung up their coats in the closet area, changed out of their outdoor boots.

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