Harvest of Holidays

Harvest of Holidays by Tracy Cooper-Posey Read Free Book Online

Book: Harvest of Holidays by Tracy Cooper-Posey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tracy Cooper-Posey
Tags: Short Paranormal Gargoyle Romance
pushed against her upper knee, moving it back so it was straighter than the other, but still thrusting against the sheet, steadying her. “That’s better,” he said as he slid his hand between her hip and the bottom of her abdomen, pressing it up against her clitoris once more.
    “Oh…” Tally breathed as he flexed his hips and thrust into her. Pleasure flared harder than before. She was astonishingly close to climaxing. It was true that since she had known she was pregnant, her greed for sex, for pleasure, for more and more, seemed unquenchable. She couldn’t get enough of him or the thrilling way he made her feel.
    Her orgasm burst over her, bright and fizzy and breath-snatching. But Carson wasn’t done with her yet and he thrust hard and steadily, his fingers teasing her clit, building in her another climax. This one was driving from her toes, gathering in a way that she knew would stop her breath and steal her sight. She writhed, anticipating the searing bolts that would shoot through her nerves.
    It hit with more impact than she had guessed and her whole body squeezed and held for throbbing moments as the orgasm peaked. Tally ground out a deep groan as it released her and Carson gripped her hip, driving himself into her in the hard, deep thrusts that told her he was coming. His breath was ragged as he neared his own climax.
    Then with one last thrust, he stiffened and groaned heavily, his fingers tightening on her hip. Then he relaxed and curled his long body around hers, staying inside her. He slid his arm under her head and his other hand rested against the baby. “He’s kicking again.”
    “ She kicks when I come.”
    “Enjoyment?” Tally smiled into the softly milky light. “She’ll have both our genes. She’ll like sex.”
    “Good,” Carson said shortly and kissed her cheek. “It’ll be dawn in an hour or so. Sleep. I’ll get you breakfast in bed.”
    “You’re too good to me,” Tally told him.
    “That’s your Christmas present,” Carson said. “Breakfast in bed – so make the most of it.”
    “I didn’t get you anything,” Tally said. “That’s what we agreed.”
    “Yes, you did,” Carson told her. His voice was rough, and his hand on her belly shifted, drawing her attention to the baby.
    Tally sent the child in her warm thoughts, as she drifted off to sleep again with Carson’s cheek against her temple.
    She woke with a start. The back of her neck was prickling painfully. Tally lay still, trying to detect what had woken her so thoroughly. From the light in the room, she had only been asleep for a few minutes. Dawn was still an hour away.
    Then she heard the noise from downstairs and her heart leapt in her chest. It was a snuffling, inhuman sound. An animal sound.
    Carson was asleep on his back, his arm still under her cheek.
    Tally rose from the bed, moving carefully so she didn’t wake him. She reached for the satin robe where Carson had flung it over the chair and tied it closed. Then, moving even more quietly, she reached into the closet for her working coat where it had hung unused for the last four weeks, and withdrew her sword. The soft, warm grip was familiar and welcome. It felt like strength was running into her from the touch of the sword. She straightened up and still barefoot, eased her way out of the bedroom and onto the landing.
    The snuffling sound was unmistakable now. Someone… something …was in the kitchen.
    She gripped the sword harder and moved down the stairs one step at a time. Whatever it was in there, they were making too much noise to hear her if she moved quietly. She stepped over the step that always creaked, gripping the bannister and lowering herself down to the next level carefully, then down to the living room level.
    She picked up the phone and dialed, counting out each number by touch, her fingertip sliding over the round holes one by one. She listened for an answer and when she heard the sleepy response, whispered, “It’s

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