Have Gun, Will Travel (The Bare Bones MC Book 5)

Have Gun, Will Travel (The Bare Bones MC Book 5) by Layla Wolfe Read Free Book Online

Book: Have Gun, Will Travel (The Bare Bones MC Book 5) by Layla Wolfe Read Free Book Online
Authors: Layla Wolfe
Tags: Romance, motorcycle
to wear leather gauntlets or latex caps to know what I am. I don’t even wear that crap in the clubs. I’m secure with who I am inside. I don’t need accessories to prove to the world I like to dominate women. But I like a woman who’s a bit of a switch, to push back on me. A woman with a mind of her own.”
    Now that hit home in a hundred ways with me. “My Sir won’t tolerate any of that bullshit. I tried to push back a couple of times. No fucking way. He’s strictly by the book. High protocol, he calls it.”
    He raised one eyebrow. “He makes you kiss his boot, stuff like that?”
    “Exactly. Makes me crawl around on all fours.” I couldn’t fucking believe I was talking to someone else about this. I could talk to Cassie about it in vague, roundabout terms, but I’d never gotten into specifics with anyone like this. It was comforting, again, to know that Sax was also in the lifestyle. I thought maybe that’s why I’d felt so comfortable with him from the start.
    He seemed skeptical of this, as though he would never make a woman do that. I knew there were many, many different kinds of Doms in the world. It seemed nearly impossible to meet your match, the one who would balance out your requirements to be dominated, but not too dominating. It did irritate me sometimes, Roscoe’s high protocol. Kissing his damned boot pissed me off sometimes, but I thought that was the intention. If being submissive didn’t irritate you, what was the point? It was meant to push all your buttons.
    “You’re into that? Well, safe, sane, consensual.” He shrugged. “Whatever works for you. Does he make you unzip his trousers with your teeth?”
    I actually became a little bit proud of my D/s relationship now. “No, but he makes me cook meals wearing nothing but an apron and high heels.”
    Now Sax seemed interested, sitting forward on his chair. “Oh, yeah?” He looked me boldly up and down. I wasn’t the most voluptuous woman on the planet, not the shapeliest, with sort of an up and down board figure. I knew my face was pretty in a dark Irish way, but I was never confident of my body. And suddenly I wanted to turn Sax on. The fact that he was twenty years older than me was flipping all my sensual switches, too. His brazen machismo, the way he assessed me boldly with his eyes, the sex he oozed—I was alive in every one of my senses. It had been a secret desire of mine for years to play out some Daddy Dom issues. “Now there’s a sight I’d pay good money to see.”
    When I dropped my eyes out of modesty, I was face to face with the enormous bulge in the crotch of his jeans. The jeans were so worn, so threadbare, the shape of his cock was blatantly displayed. The fabric had actually worn around what appeared to be his frequent erection. It was whitewashed in the shape of a long, thick penis, nestled up against the threadbare pocket. I quickly shifted my gaze to a lit beer sign behind the bar.
    “Speaking of paying,” Sax continued in that warm, syrupy voice. “I’ll take your Tormenta job. But I don’t want the sweetbutt money. I’ve got enough money of my own. I’ll do it for personal reasons, because I hate that motherfucker Tormenta, because it’s good to keep my hand in the game, to keep my skills up, to stay a member ‘in good’ with The Bare Bones. I’ll do it to protect future sweetbutts and to spare my brothers from the backstabbing human trafficking business Tormenta deals in.”
    I was so happy I actually did cover both his hands with mine. “You will ? Oh, I’m so fucking glad! Listen, I’m going to Madison’s tonight in P and E. Will you follow my cage and talk to Cassie and Maddy? It’s on the way to Prescott anyway.”
    He removed one of his hands from under mine and placed it on top, a tiny show of dominance. “Sure. I wanted to go visit The Citadel again anyway, talk to Ford, see where he lands on this issue. Don’t worry, I won’t spill your secret. I’m not convinced Tormenta is in

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