Healing Hands

Healing Hands by E.S Hoy Read Free Book Online

Book: Healing Hands by E.S Hoy Read Free Book Online
Authors: E.S Hoy
could get Jasper off their backs for good so maybe he could kill two birds with one stone!.
Marcus checked she was OK and gave his brother a warning glance he led Sophie back to the table
ready for the speeches. Marcus thought Sophie looked a bit pale and shaken after her encounter
but no matter how hard he questioned her she insisted Duncan had not said anything untoward so
he let it go. The speeches dragged on but once they were finished the lights dimmed and the DJ
started the music for the first dance, the happy couple looked divine together, Sophie had not yet
been introduced and was worried Beatrice was deliberately avoiding her, when others joined them
on the dance floor Marcus asked Sophie for a dance and they held each other lightly and glided
around the room as if they had danced together for years, Don cut in for one dance then Marcus
claimed her back, as their bodies got closer together and the music went on she inhaled his musky
scent and rested her cheek against his shoulder she was exhausted and was glad they were staying
at a hotel tonight she would not make it home without collapsing, last nights lack of sleep was
catching her up. Sophie listened to him singing along to the music and looked up into his eyes he
was so caught up in the song he didn't notice her watching, when he did he blushed “oops love a
bit of George Michael “she smiled he couldn't resist and he closed his mouth over hers they
swayed and kissed for the duration of the song tongues dancing cautiously together licking and
tasting each other over and over, Sophie was aware of his hardness and pressed herself closer to
him loving the fact she could affect him so deeply. He pulled away and held her face in his hands
“Sophie I really want to make love to you tonight I don't want to presume just because you
respond to my kisses that means you are ready for this tell me sweetheart truthfully if you want
me as much as I want you” Sophie pressed her finger to his mouth “Ssh I am ready I have been
ready since you pulled me off the sand 2 weeks ago I can't say what will happen tonight as I have
not been close to anyone since him” he cut her off then “one step at a time and baby any time you
need to stop then we do I would wait forever for your touch as it means so much more than I ever
would have imagined” they grasped each other and were about to kiss again when a vision in
white stepped in to their bubble it was his sister dragging her new husband behind her “hey bro
when are you going to say hi its my wedding and my own brother has avoided me all day” she
looked petulantly at him,” look I know you think I am going to be difficult cause of Liv” she cast her
eyes down sadly then faced him again, “I love you fool so anyone who makes you as happy as I've
seen you today is good enough for me” she hugged him roughly then turned to look warmly at
Sophie “ Hi Sophie I am Beatrice this is my husband Henry and we are delighted you came with
Marcus today, mum loves you already so that’s a start” she shook my hand then moved in for a
peck on the cheek “you really are lovely to look at every man in this room has had a peep at you
behind their wives back” she giggled and poked Henry in the side “ I hope you haven't though my
dear its only been 3 hrs. since you said I do” she giggled again “anyway you two we are
honeymooning for 2 weeks but we will be over for a visit soon I want to get to know this one
Marcus it looks like she may become a permanent fixture”
The happy couple bounced away and they were left open mouthed “that’s my sister no edit button”
they laughed then made their way outside and asked for the car to be brought round, Duncan
watched from the doorway, he watched them drive away very pleased with his nights work anxious
to get back to check out those pics and satisfy his curiosity and put his little plan in to action.
Chapter 8
    The drive to the hotel was short thankfully and

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