Healthy Family, Happy Family

Healthy Family, Happy Family by Karen Fischer Read Free Book Online

Book: Healthy Family, Happy Family by Karen Fischer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karen Fischer
Tags: Health & Fitness/Food Content Guides
accident. I knew she liked climbing and jumping and she was always trying to beat me in runningraces. She was also having swimming lessons and, quite frankly, she wasn’t excelling at any of these things. But I wasn’t going to tell her that. So I said, ‘I’ve popped green beans on your plate to help you have strong swimming arms and the carrots are for good jumping legs.’ Then I added a challenge: ‘Let’s see if they help you to jump higher.’ And that was all I said. She enthusiastically leapt off her chair and did the biggest jump she could. Then she ate a carrot stick and jumped again. I was honest and said I wasn’t sure if she jumped any higher so she ate the rest of her carrots and tried again. ‘Yes, I think you jumped higher,’ I said. Then she ate the beans and flexed her arm muscles. We laughed. Wow, a harmonious dinner with no tears and a smiling child. And no scraping her vegetables into the bin as I silently fumed. I really thought a miracle had occurred.
    There is really only one question you need to answer for your child: ‘What’s in it for me?’ But you will need to answer this question in many different ways. You need to use language that is appropriate for your child’s age and comprehension, and you will need to provide compelling reasons on a regular basis, so these 95 tips will give you the ongoing material you need to keep it fresh and fun for your child. I have also included information from some interesting scientific studies that reveal other positive ways to get kids eating healthy foods voluntarily.
Weaving magic
    How fast these techniques work for you depends on how strong willed your child is and how excited you can make them. For example, my daughter is not happy about being the second shortest girl in her Year Three class. One day I served her a lamb and vegetable casserole and she complained that she didn’t want to eat it. I replied, ‘But it’s a special meal designed to help people grow taller.’ This was not a lie either, as population studies show that populations who eat red meat, rich with iron, are taller in stature. My daughter’s eyes widened in alarm. ‘Mum!’ she scolded. ‘Why haven’t you been feeding me this more often?’ Of course, she ate the whole meal and I could rest easy knowing she had consumed a healthy, mineral-rich meal that can help promote proper growth and development. She may never be a giant (like her brother) but a healthy meal is going to assist her body more than filling up on dessert.
    You could persuade your child to eat a carrot stick on the spot with Activity. Or it may take a week, or two or three, for the marketing effect to weave its magic and for your child to eat their greens. I have heard many parents say, ‘I never thought this would work on my child. They are so stubborn. But it really works!’
    So put yourself into your child’s pint-sized volleys for a few moments each day and think ‘What’s in it for them?’ You have 95 examples and ideas coming up which will give you plenty of creative ideas. Of course, not all of these tips will be appropriate for your child’s age or personal desires and hobbies but you will no doubt spot many examples that you could use. It may take a lot of thought initially but only a moment once you figure out what ignites your child’s imagination. Have fun with the healthy marketing techniques—they are designed to get you and your family talking, laughing and eating.
    So many healthy ways ... but where do I begin?
    You will notice a number of set activities on the following pages. These are your cue to take action and try out the methods described. So when you see these breakout boxes, stop and plan to do them as soon as possible. Also pay particular attention to the ‘Top 10 must-do’s for success’. Then you can read this list again at a later date and try something new. It’s so easy.
Top 1 0 must-do’s for success
Must-do number 1
    Observe your child and find out what they

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