Heart Melter

Heart Melter by Sophia Knightly Read Free Book Online

Book: Heart Melter by Sophia Knightly Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sophia Knightly
was being protective and cordial, but his body language told her he wanted distance. Ian could be tough and uncompromising—she knew that only too well. But long ago, he’d been tender and loving. She wanted that Ian back more than anything in the world, but she had been the one who had cut him off.
    Gazing at him now, she knew he was studiously ignoring her. Natasha’s heart ached with longing as she turned her gaze away from him and looked down at her hands clenched together on her lap.
    It was high time they healed the rift.


Chapter Four
    Aboard the flight, Ian watched Natasha fuss over Evita, wrapping her in a leopard fur blanket and smothering her in kisses. “You’re such a smart doggie, and brave too. Who’s my cute little pom pom? You are, Evita,” Natasha cooed.
    “Oh brother,” Ian groaned, rolling his eyes.
    Natasha ignored Ian and continued her baby talk to Evita. “Now go to sleep and when you wake up, Mommy will have a surprise for you.” She placed her pup back in the kennel and Evita licked Natasha’s hands as she gazed at her through adoring chocolate brown eyes.
    “Where’d you get that silly blanket for her?”
    Natasha glanced up and grinned. “Hey, don’t judge. It makes her relax. Look how she fell right asleep. It was a gift from my friend Teddy, who I’ll have you know has fabulous taste and bought most of Evita’s wardrobe.”
    He snorted in disbelief. “Your dog has a wardrobe?”
    Her chin shot up. “Yes, and she looks smashing in everything.”
    Long copper waves framed Natasha’s creamy complexion as her eyes sparkled radiantly. Keeping his expression bland, he studied the pearl studs in her dainty earlobes and the string of pearls around her slender neck. The jewels he’d given her adorned her in places he liked to kiss—to own—the warm pulse behind her ears, the soft, bare skin of her nape beneath her glossy hair. His gaze dropped to her right hand where she pointed to the kennel, her slender fingers pale and unadorned except for garnet nail polish. She’d once worn his engagement ring on that soft hand. 
    A young brunette flight attendant approached them with a friendly smile. “Hi, my name is Lori. What would you like to drink with your dinner today? I can offer you white or red wine, soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea or mineral water.”
    “I’d like a glass of mineral water. Flat, no bubbles please,” Natasha said.
    “Same for me. And please bring us a bottle of chardonnay,” Ian said.
    The flight attendant nodded and left.
    “Are you comfortable?” he asked.
    “Are you kidding? This plane is gorgeous and so big. A lot of people could ride here,” Natasha said.
    “Nine to be exact.”
    She slid her hand across the cushion and patted it. “White leather and mahogany paneling. Nice. Is it yours?”
    Ian nodded. “Yes. Some might find it excessive, but this plane was worth every cent.”
    “What kind of an airplane is it?”
    “It’s a Bombardier Challenger 300 jet. It’s efficient and cuts my traveling time in half.”
    Natasha gave a throaty chuckle, the sound pleasing to his ears. “You don’t have to sell me on it. After this, it’ll be hard to fly commercial again.”
    “How is your wound? Did you remember to take your antibiotic?”
    “Yes, doc.”
    “Did you feel any itching or see redness this morning?”
    “Nope. It looked fine. But another part of me is sore,” she grumbled.
    His mouth twitched. “Can’t help you there. I’ll take a look at the cut later.”
    She eyed him with a humorous lift of her brow. “This is hardly the place to examine my thigh. You’ll just have to take my word for it.”
    Natasha had taken her leather jacket off earlier and was wearing a chocolate silk blouse with camel-colored cigarette pants and brown ankle booties. She bounced back lightly on the leather divan and the motion made her breasts jiggle. His palms grew damp as he remembered their soft fullness in his hands years ago. He

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