Heart's Duo (Ugly Eternity #4)

Heart's Duo (Ugly Eternity #4) by Charity Parkerson Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Heart's Duo (Ugly Eternity #4) by Charity Parkerson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charity Parkerson
guys,” Sophie said, interrupting them. He felt more than heard Hawke’s frustrated sigh at the intrusion. They’d invited their family to stay for the holidays, even going as far as to foot the bill for travel. As much as they were enjoying the chance to spend time with them, privacy was an elusive beast. Jamie wasn’t about to let this moment pass. Sophie could get the fuck over it.
    Snagging Hawke’s hand, Jamie headed for their room. He ignored the way she kept her eyes covered. “No worries. We were just leaving. If anyone comes looking for us today, tell them not to bother.”
    Her laughter followed them from the room. Jamie was so focused on his destination and the idea of having Hawke alone, he didn’t see the attack coming. His feet barely crossed the threshold before Hawke slammed into his back, carrying him the rest of the way into the room, and kicking the door closed behind them in one smooth motion.
    Jamie’s roots stung when Hawke buried his fingers in Jamie’s hair and tugged. His teeth sank into Jamie’s neck, drawing a moan from his throat. Hawke’s hips cradled Jamie’s ass as he nipped at his neck. The erection between them couldn’t be missed. It was only fair Hawke should suffer. Jamie ached with need.
    “You’ve got me alone,” Hawke taunted. Electricity skittered down Jamie’s body, making his dick leak as Hawke’s lips brushed his neck with every syllable, and his breath fanned across Jamie’s skin. With Jamie’s chin held in one hand, Hawke shoved Jamie’s jeans down his hips with the other. “I’m going to fuck you,” Hawke said, promise dripping from every word. “Hard.”
    The muscles in Jamie’s stomach clenched in anticipation. His cock throbbed. In a flash, Jamie shed his clothes. Even he wasn’t sure how it happened so fast. With his face buried in the mattress and biting the sheet, Jamie fought to hold back the cries of pleasure as Hawke’s dick pressed inside him. Hawke hadn’t lied. His hips slammed against Jamie’s ass, moving the bed an inch in the process. The scraping of wood on wood caused a loud screech to rent the air, and a moan tore from Jamie’s lips.
    Every day Jamie swore he couldn’t be more turned on by Hawke, and every day Hawke proved him wrong. The pleasure tightening his balls told the same story as always. There wasn’t a need for Hawke to as much as brush his fingers over Jamie’s cock. He was ready to blow. Making love to Hawke was more than physical. It was a total mind fuck. Every kiss and stroke singed his skin with heat and ecstasy and filled his mind with thoughts of giving Hawke the world. In his head, Jamie couldn’t stop chanting how much he loved Hawke—loved how he felt inside him. When the moment came that even he didn’t understand his words any longer, they were all still true.
    Light exploded behind his closed lids, stealing the air from his lungs. Waves of pleasure shook him. Hawke’s teeth sank into his shoulder, muffling his cries, but Jamie felt them. The sheet clung to his stomach from the evidence of his release. Jamie didn’t care. Breaths sawed in and out of his lungs, desperately attempting to carry enough oxygen to his body to survive. Somehow he still drew enough air to profess his love. If he was going to die from the pleasure, he wanted those words to be his last.
    * * * * *
    Jamie chose the perfect moment to strike. Hawke’s muscles had long past turned to jelly. Exhaustion weighed heavy on every inch of his body. His brain was in overdrive. Jamie always did that to him. He demanded everything from Hawke while giving him more than Hawke could handle. Somehow he always made Hawke’s brain beg for it to never stop even as his body cried uncle.
    “Maddox called me today.”
    Hawke turned his head, pressing a light kiss to Jamie’s stomach before dredging up a response. Maddox’s name was damn near taboo in their home. “How did that go?” Hawke was more than a little proud of how calm he

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