Heart's Duo (Ugly Eternity #4)

Heart's Duo (Ugly Eternity #4) by Charity Parkerson Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Heart's Duo (Ugly Eternity #4) by Charity Parkerson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charity Parkerson
to a single one. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get his knees to work. His ass hit the chair beside the bed. Guilt was a hell of a thing. When he’d chosen this path, he’d told himself an ass-ton of lies to get through the day. It was his job to ensure Jamie’s happiness. He had no real control over fate. Maddox would never take the bait so no real harm would be done. Every time Maddox shut him down, he took it as a sign the man was meant to be with Hawke. Unfortunately, every time Maddox shut him down something else became clear as well.
    Joss’ mind shied away from those thoughts. Ugly Eternity, that was another matter altogether. It was Maddox’s dream. He shouldn’t lose that too because of Joss. Come Monday, he’d look for someone to replace him—someone good so there’d be a smooth transition. For tonight, he’d sit here and make sure Maddox didn’t die from all the Jack. His gaze moved over Maddox’s sleeping form, lingering on the lips still swollen from Joss’ kiss. Yeah. He couldn’t let the man die.
    * * * * *
    Sophie: I’m sorry.
    Sophie: I won’t bother you again.
    Joss: I’m sending a new guy to Khronos to replace me in the band.
    Maddox: Cool.
    Joss: You won’t have to talk to me again after tonight.
    Maddox: Cool.

    Sophie: I hate you won’t talk to me.
    Message undeliverable
    Joss: This is killing me.
    Message erased

    Benton: I’m sorry more.
    Message erased
    Maddox: This sucks.
    Message erased

Chapter 3
    The slightly raised skin of a scar Hawke received while on a job site a few years back fascinated Jamie. He kept brushing his fingers along it even as the tip of his tongue stroked the roof of Hawke’s mouth. Jamie kept Hawke trapped against the edge of the counter, hips-to-hips, and erection-to-erection. Hawke was likewise taking advantage of the proximity by working on the button of Jamie’s jeans. They loosened around his hips. Hawke’s knuckles slowly scraped the length of Jamie’s member as Hawke slid Jamie’s zipper down.
    Cupping the back of Hawke’s head, Jamie savored the sensation of Hawke’s short bristles against his palm and the sight of Hawke’s slightly parted, kiss-swollen lips as he forced his chin up. He needed to taste the spot right beneath Hawke’s jaw, the way most people required their next breath. Never in his wildest dreams would Jamie ever believed he could become more addicted to the man in his arms, but he did. Every day Jamie did. It seemed ludicrous to think the world could disappear because he’d married his fantasy man, but it had. A shuddering breath came from the back of Hawke’s throat as Jamie’s lips connected with Hawke’s skin.
    “I should let you get something to eat,” Jamie said against Hawke’s neck, not really meaning a word of it. It just seemed he should say it since he’d captured Hawke mid-meal preparation. The man was too sexy. Jamie couldn’t keep his hands to himself.
    “We should take this to the bedroom so we don’t have to worry about anyone walking in on us.”
    Jamie suppressed a growl at Hawke’s subtle reminder they weren’t alone. “All these people need to go home, so I can fuck you on the counter like a proper husband.”
    A deep chuckle rumbled through Hawke’s chest, causing Jamie to light from the inside. Damn. He loved this man. Hawke’s thumb dipped beneath the waistband of Jamie’s underwear and brushed across his slit, torturing him until Jamie was certain his knees would give out. He held Jamie’s gaze as he brought his thumb to his mouth, licking away the pre-cum. Those green eyes, his gorgeous lips, fuck, that hot mouth—oxygen to Jamie.
    Hawke’s mouth lifted in one corner. “Take me to bed so I can go down on you like a proper husband would.” With Hawke’s promise of pleasure hanging in the air between them, Jamie recaptured his lips, sucking and licking away his flavor lingering there.
    “Whoa. So sorry

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