Here Comes the Night

Here Comes the Night by Linda McDonald Read Free Book Online

Book: Here Comes the Night by Linda McDonald Read Free Book Online
Authors: Linda McDonald
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Thrillers, Retail
them. As the girl looked back over her shoulder into
the motorhome’s lights, Vivian pulled at Dell’s elbow. “Look at those kids,
honey. Let’s give them a ride.”
    Dell chuckled. “You sure? They’re probably escaping
    Vivian chuckled at his joke. “He might be a greaser, looks
like, but she looks innocent enough.” She clutched Dell’s shoulder. “Come on,
it’ll be fun.”
    In response, he playfully pinched her breast. A visceral
excitement passed between them.
    “You are such a party animal,” he said, resigned to her

Chapter 24
    The 45-foot motorhome, its emergency lights blinking, pulled
over a little ahead of Tony and Erika. She looked over at Tony, waiting for his
    “Not a good idea,” he said in a low voice.
    She shook her head at him. ”Fine, do what you want then.”
She started up toward the Safari.
    Sometimes her oblivion was too much to believe for Tony.
After wiping down the Mustang for fingerprints, he figured there was a decent
chance he could slip through the cracks on the hit and run. But not if anyone
could later identify them being only miles from where it happened. Now she was
pulling this shit.
    But after what went down on that hill, he knew he had to
just roll with it. It was too late to stop now. He was just coming down from
the after effects of racing to escape and then hide the Mustang. From here on
out, he would just have to play it by ear.
    All his life, Tony had battled with keeping himself in check
or just letting it all go. Being “good” had always felt anything but good
to him. But the dark side ran through his veins like mercury. Danger made his
whole body tremble in a way liked. But afterwards, you had to do whatever was
necessary to come out okay on the other side. If Erika didn’t like it, then
that would be on her. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been warned.
    “Hey, wait up,” Tony said to her. He felt for the gun inside
his back waistband, just to check, then caught up with her. “Just act normal,
    She glared at him. “Now how am I gonna do that, Tony?”
    Aware the people in the motorhome were probably watching
them, he tried to look casual. “Just straighten up. When we get back into the
city, we can go to the cops and clear this all up.”
    “Oh, Tony, I’ve just been waiting for you to say that. You
promise?” she asked, her face relaxing a little on hearing it.
    “I’m telling you I will, aren’t I?”
    “Thank you, Tony. Thank you.”
    She seemed so grateful, even if he was blatantly lying. Her
naivete really amazed him sometimes. But she didn’t understand the stakes.
Obviously, she’d never had her back to the wall. Nobody gets that until they’ve
been there.
    The sliding entrance opened with a whoosh when they reached
the door. The man at the wheel gave them a big smile. “Where you headed?”
    “The city,” Erika said.
    Tony quickly added, “Our car broke down.”
    Vivian motioned them inside. “That’s where we’re headed.
We’ll give you a lift.”
    Erika gaped as she stepped into the motorhome’s opulent
interior. “Wow, I’ve never seen one like this.” Looking at Tony. “Huh?”
    Tony nodded, trying not to look too impressed. He joked,
“Where’s the big plasma screen?”
    But Vivian wasn’t joking. “Behind that cabinet.” She looked
them over. “You all look beat. How about something to drink?”
    They nodded and Vivian got out an expensive bottle of
champagne from the stainless steel fridge. She showed it to them. “This be
    Erika’s jaw dropped at the fancy label. Tony shrugged, but
his mood improved right off. He knew old rich farts were always an easy target.

Chapter 25
    Angie’s new-found buddy was a seasoned wrangler whose
understanding of life started and ended on the rodeo floor. Probably a handsome
stud at one time, now his furrowed brow read like hash marks for each bull
who’d thrown him and added to the brain damage.
    He couldn’t understand

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