Hot to the Touch

Hot to the Touch by Isabel Sharpe Read Free Book Online

Book: Hot to the Touch by Isabel Sharpe Read Free Book Online
Authors: Isabel Sharpe
Tags: Checking E-Males
    “No, no. You shouldn’t share blame with me.”
    “Who’s talking blame? We’ll want to share the credit. At her wedding.”
    Marie laughed. “You really think I should do this?”
    “Absolutely. If nothing else it will get her attention. And any picture of her will definitely get the attention of men on the site. Then who knows? Once guys start flocking, she might just decide to give one or more of them a try.”
    “That was my hope.” Marie logged onto Milwaukeedates as an administrator. “Okay, you’re convincing me.”
    “We’re convincing us. I’m going to call Kim right away. And listen, I’ll do up an outline for the wedding party idea and email it to you by tomorrow or Monday, okay?”
    “Love it. Thanks, Candy, on both counts. You’re a gem.”
    “Aren’t I? Seriously, I think forcing the issue with Darcy is a great idea. I saw her face when Kim was talking about wedding plans, and boy, look up wistful in the dictionary and there’s her expression.”
    “Exactly.” Marie was triumphant now. An enthusiastic ally had made all the difference.
    “Speaking of her face, do you have a good picture of her? I might be able to dig one up.”
    “I doubt she can take a bad one.” Marie brought up a New Profile page on her computer. “I have the photos I took at the Gladiolas opening. There’s one in particular I remember as stunning.”
    “Awesome. That was a great dress she had on!”
    “Okay, I’m on this. Thank you, Candy. Say hi to Justin.”
    “Say hi to Quinn.”
    Marie started, fingers stumbling over the keyboard. Quinn? “How did you know about him?”
    Candy snickered. “Kim is my new gossip girl. She told me recently that she saw you two walking when she and Nathan were kayaking last month. Said you looked aw -fully happy.”
    “He’s a friend. That’s all.” Marie was very glad Candy couldn’t see her blushing.
    “Uh-huh. Right. I believe that. One of these days we’re all going to gang up on you for the matchmaking thing and see how you like it.”
    “Ooh, what a threat.”
    “You’ve been warned. Oh, and speaking of potentially good gossip, Wednesday night I saw Darcy heading for Esmee Restaurant. I’d just picked up Justin; he was drinking there with Troy. I tried to get Justin to ask if Troy had noticed Darcy—as if any man wouldn’t—and if he noticed who she met up with, but you know men, their priorities are wacked, so Justin hasn’t asked yet.”
    “Uh…okay.” Marie’s head was spinning trying to follow that one. “Wait, Darcy and Troy have never met?”
    “Not as far as I know.”
    “Hmm.” She narrowed her eyes, fingers tapping on the side of her keyboard. Troy. She hadn’t thought of him for Darcy. Too young? Maybe not strong enough? “Let me know what you find out, especially if she’s already got someone.”
    “You think she and Troy…?”
    “I’m committing to nothing.”
    “Well, he’s on the site, too, so you should definitely go ahead with our unethical plan. Oops, Justin’s here. Talk to you soon!”
    “Bye.” Marie hung up, feeling slightly breathless, partly from relief she’d dodged further questions about Quinn, and partly because she always felt that way after talking to her warm-hearted whirlwind of a friend.
    Candy’s party idea was terrific. Mid-June also brought Marie’s fortieth birthday, something she wasn’t quite sure she was ready to face. But celebrating the love she’d brought to so many couples would be a fitting way to show how rich her life had become and would continue to be.
    For a second she imagined what richness her life would hold if Quinn was in it the way she’d come to realize she wanted him to be.
    But that was ridiculous daydreaming. Marie had plenty more important things to do than fantasize about something she couldn’t have. She opened her pictures file, searching for the photograph of Darcy she remembered best.
    There. Darcy, caught unaware during a quiet moment at Gladiolas’s

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