How To Catch A Billionaire (The Full Series)

How To Catch A Billionaire (The Full Series) by Helen Cooper Read Free Book Online

Book: How To Catch A Billionaire (The Full Series) by Helen Cooper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Helen Cooper
with age, Sarah.” He frowned. “How old do you think I am?”
    “50,” I lied.
    He laughed. “Try again.”
    “40?” This time I meant it.
    “I’m 37.” He stared at me hard.
    “Oh.” He was 15 years older than me. Yet, he didn’t really act like an old man. And I didn’t really seem to care about his age.
    “You didn’t seem to mind last night as my cock was sliding in and out of you.”
    I stared at him with my mouth open. I could feel my panties getting wet. “You’re so crude.” I stared at him as he laughed. “If I was your mother, I’d make you wash your mouth out with soap.”
    “I thought you preferred me to do different things with my mouth?”
    “Whatever.” I flushed thinking about how he had made me come over and over again with his tongue. “You were okay.”
    “Just okay?”
    “Yeah.” I stared back into his eyes and yelped as he grabbed me and pulled my skirt up. “What are you doing?”
    “Showing you that you need to be more careful with you words,” he snarled. He sat on the ground and pulled me down to join him. He didn’t hesitate as he pulled my panties down and I just stared at him in awe. He raised his hand to my pussy and ran his fingers across my clit.
    “You’re pretty wet for someone who’s not very impressed with my skills.” He grinned and then pushed me back onto the ground. I lay there not sure if I should resist but I felt so horny, I just wanted to feel him touching me intimately. I wasn’t disappointed. I felt his mouth on my pussy within seconds and I spread my legs to give him greater access. He licked up and down on my pussy, circling my clit but never quite touching it. I squirmed and tried to clench my legs around his face so that he would just take me in his mouth. He ignored my moans and took his time. When I finally felt his tongue licking my clit, I cried out in pleasure and this encouraged him to take my clit into his mouth and start sucking on it. I felt my bladder get heavy and I knew that I was close to coming as he continued to suck on my clit. As soon as he stuck his tongue into me, I felt myself come hard and I lay back extremely satisfied as he continued to lick me in my special spot.
    When he finally stopped licking my pussy, I looked up to see him smiling down at me. “Still just okay?” He grinned and I rolled my eyes.
    “Fine. You were good,” I muttered.
    “That’s what I thought.” He pulled my panties back up my legs and pulled me up. He then pulled my skirt down and I sighed. “What’s wrong?” He looked at me in concern.
    “Nothing.” I shrugged and looked away. I could hardly tell him that I had been hoping he would fuck me again. Not after my smart attitude.
    “Look at me, Sarah.” He turned my face to look at him and his eyes were shining with concern. “Are you okay?”
    “Well, not really.” I felt my eyes well up. “I don’t have money to pay my rent and my roommate quit her job yesterday.”
    “That’s why you’re sad?” He cocked his head.
    “Yes. No. Kinda.” I blushed a deep red. “I had hoped we were going to make love again. But I am also worried about my rent.”
    Harry laughed and pulled me into his arms. “Oh Sarah. What am I going to do with you?”
    “I don’t know. Let me keep my job?” I looked up at him hopefully. I tried to ignore the feeling of his hard cock between my legs and the feel of his chest against my breasts.
    “You wanted me to make love to you again?” He smiled down at me.
    “Well, you know.” The words tripped out of my mouth in a mumble.
    “Come away with me this weekend.” He pulled me back suddenly and looked at me.
    “What?” I frowned at him. “Why?”
    “I have to go home for the weekend. It would help me if you came as my fiancée.”
    “Fiancée?” I looked at him in surprise. “Are you proposing to me?”
    He burst out

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