Hudson by Shayne McClendon Read Free Book Online

Book: Hudson by Shayne McClendon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shayne McClendon
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction
his father’s parents, he made sure to
send them photos of still-stunning Camille as well as newspaper clippings of
his successes.  He especially loved sending photos of them on vacation in
exotic locations. 
    He never used a return address.  It gave him intense
satisfaction to imagine them regretting the way they’d tossed their family away. 
    The fact that he was the spitting image of his father was
icing on the cake.
    The brownstone was his first residential property and he
lived in it for several years after graduating college.  He fixed it up in his
spare time – mostly as a stress reliever – while he bought and sold millions in
assets in the northeast. 
    When he bought the fifteen-story residential tower, his
mother asked to stay where she’d become so comfortable over the years, and he
put her in charge of running it. 
    He converted the entire fourth floor for her personal use
and created individual living spaces on the second and third floors.  The first
floor was devoted to common areas that included a large kitchen and formal dining
room, a gym, a game room, and laundry facilities.
    Hudson was picky about who lived in the brownstone because
of Camille.  Gabriella Hernandez would be a nice addition and another woman for
his mom to socialize with.
    He called the driver he hired for Christina and asked where
she was.  He was informed she’d been shopping and was currently at the spa. 
She had plans to visit Trois later in the evening. 
    “Excellent.  Don’t mention my call.”
    “No, sir.”
    Two hours to get her moved out of his apartment. 
    He didn’t understand why she spent so many of her evenings
at his best friend’s private club.  The majority of the members were in
exclusive ménage relationships – hence the name. 
    When Natalia came to him with the idea after spending time
with two men searching for the woman they could take care of together, he
wondered how profitable it could possibly be. 
    Still, he hadn’t hesitated in giving her the start-up funds
because she was brilliant, she was his friend, and she represented one of a
handful of people in the world who never judged him. 
    Natalia accepted him for who and what he was. 
    Six years later, he knew he was right for never doubting her. 
She paid him back with interest and presented him with a lifetime membership
that he, surprisingly, used. 
    Different from swinging, nowhere near as seedy as porn-popularized
cuckolding, ménage existed on the fringe.  Most of the relationships consisted
of two men and one woman and though it didn’t turn him off, Hudson didn’t
believe he had the personality to share his woman with another man. 
    He was too selfish, a trait he recognized and accepted in
himself.  His ego barely tolerated other men in his orbit – much less while
fucking the same woman.
    Still, he made many business contacts through the club and
it was a good place to wind down with a drink occasionally. 
    In the two years he’d been involved with Christina, she’d
started going to the club more and more often.  Since Natalia couldn’t stand
the woman, she kept an eye on her.  She racked up enormous bar tabs and his
friend wondered why he let her get away with it. 
    It was quite simple really. 
    He traveled all the time.  When he walked into the mess with
Gabriella Hernandez earlier, he’d been fresh off the plane from several days in
Chicago to finalize a deal for a restaurant chain he had his eye on. 
    When he came home, he wanted someone to fuck that didn’t
expect conversation. 
    Christina was no better than a call girl in his opinion.  After
he fucked her, she expected gifts, and he dutifully delivered them.  It was the
main reason he didn’t feel bad about using her. 
    She was spoiled, selfish, and cold but one thing she didn’t do was complain about how he fucked her.  The woman took whatever he dished out
and begged for more. 
    Sexual satisfaction made him generous. 
    Thinking with his

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