I Dream of Zombies (Book 2): Haven

I Dream of Zombies (Book 2): Haven by Vickie Johnstone Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: I Dream of Zombies (Book 2): Haven by Vickie Johnstone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Vickie Johnstone
Tags: Zombie Apocalypse
    Marla’s interest was piqued. “How close are you?”
    “I’m afra id I am unable to give details, but we are working all hours of the day on tissue samples.”
    “S amples?”
    “From those who turned,” Jakob explained. “Tissue samples were put into freezers. We use those.”
    “I see,” said Marla , giving a sigh of relief. “For a second there I thought you were experimenting on dead-lookers.”
    Jakob shook his head. “That would be highly dangerous. Is that what you call them?”
    “Dead-lookers? Yeah, or things…”
    “ I see. I think of them as the unfortunate. Excuse me,” he added, walking away briskly.
    “Oh,” said Marla , turning to Sylvia. “Did I offend him?”
    “He’s an odd one,” she replied softly. “Very handsome, yes, in that dark, brooding kind of way, but he has absolutely no sense of humour. Come on, I’ll show you lab B. It’s similar to this one and just as busy.”

Saturday, 22
    Tommy, Marla, Billy and Ellen entered the cafeteria, looking out for Bella and Eric. Sighting them towards the right, they hurried to the counter to buy some drinks before making a beeline for them. The two friends glanced up and waved when they saw them approaching. “Sit down,” said Eric, dragging over two extra chairs to make six around the square, plastic table. “How’s things?”
    Ellen s miled. “Good. I love this safe feeling!”
    “Yeah, it’s great having no uglies around. I can almost forget what I went through to get here.”
    “Can you forget , really?” asked Marla.
    Eric shrugged and took a swig of his can of Cola. “Course not, but I try.”
    “I’m trying,” Ellen agreed, “b ut Marla and Tommy have joined the guard.”
    “No way!” Bella exclaimed. “Can I ask w hy you’d do something like that?”
    “It’s boring in here,” Marla replied.
    Eric’s mouth fell open. “As opposed to what? Wrestling with the uglies? Girl, you surprise me.”
    Billy clapped him on the back and laughed. “After only a few days you can’t really be bored, Marla.”
    “I am.”
    “Just tell me why.”
    “I want to help find people and breathe in fresh air,” Marla replied. “This place is too small for me.”
    Tommy nodded and dunked a biscuit into his tea. Eric nudged him. “You agree?” he asked, to which the other man nodded again and took a sip of his drink.
    “Man of few words today, Tom,” said Billy with a grin.
    “Don’t you want to help find survivors?” asked Marla. “Do your bit?”
    “My bit is staying right here. That way I’m giving our species a chance of not dying out,” Eric answered, to which everyone chuckled.
    “I agree with him, Marl,” said Ellen. “Life’s too short and it’s dangerous out there.”
    Marla turned to her and smiled. “I’m going to be with trained soldiers travelling in armoured vehicles with mounted guns, and also have guns of my own. I’m going to be as safe as I can be, Ellen, so don’t worry.”
    “But d on’t you want to take it easy for a few weeks at least?” asked Bella, not understanding at all.
    “ Honestly, Bella, aren’t you the tiniest bit bored?” Tommy countered. “I’ve only been here a short time and it’s kind of repetitive.”
    “ It’s safe.”
    Eric nodded. “She’s right. I mean maybe I will get bored, and I’ll think about joining up and helping then, but for now I want to chill. It’s one thing having to fight for your life, but it’s another when you have a choice. I wouldn’t leave this place unless I had to.”
    “Reminds me of being in halls at Uni for some reason,” Bella added. “I’ve made new friends here and so has Claire.”
    “ I dunno. Maybe I missed the army without realising,” said Marla. “The camaraderie and stuff.”
    “Ah, I reckon you were one of those little girls with a Wonder Woman outfit!” Eric joked.
    Marla giggled. “No, it was Catwoman. Black PVC. But maybe I was a teenager by then.”
    “Wow, sexy!” said Eric,

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