Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis by Grace Marshall Read Free Book Online

Book: Identity Crisis by Grace Marshall Read Free Book Online
Authors: Grace Marshall
without now that she had it. Now that she’d felt it. Problem was, now that she had felt it, she didn’t really know what to do with it. She couldn’t bring herself to talk to Dee about it, though she probably should, since Dee was the one who would know about real romance. And what could she say to her that didn’t sound totally silly and adolescent?
    But Tess Delaney didn’t sound silly or adolescent, and she would soon be set to find out why that was. She pretty much knew the job with Tess was hers. If Bachman had called her in for help, then it was hers. Kendra didn’t get where she was in the PR world without a very finely honed attention to detail, and a scalpel-sharp memory; that, and a deliver or die attitude that always left her clients more than 100 per cent satisfied.
    She hadn’t had a chance to talk to Dee about the meeting because Dee was off in Paris on business, and though she wouldn’t have minded picking Ellis’s brain about his knowledge of Tess Delaney, he was in Spain. And she wouldn’t give Garrett the satisfaction. Besides, she was pretty sure he wouldn’t help her anyway. Clearly he hated her. Well, she didn’t like him much either.
    She flipped through her closet until she found the rose-pink linen suit that looked romantic and yet very chic and professional. It wasn’t exactly sexy, but it definitely wasn’t unsexy either. With a blouse and matching heels just a few shades darker and a string of freshwater pearls, she figured she looked like the perfect assistant to a romance writer. As she added the final pins to the French knot in which she wore her hair, she felt the change she always felt when K. Ryde took control. Though, in all honesty, K. Ryde never made public appearances. This time it was Kay Lake who would take the lead role representing the Ryde Agency, and she was an expert at enthralling an audience, even if that audience were only a world-famous romance writer and her secretary. By the end of the day, Kendra Davis fully intended to be in the employ of the reclusive, mysterious, much whispered about, much admired Tess Delaney. She slipped into her heels, then gave a turn in front of the full-length mirror. God, she’d forgotten how much she loved the rush of adrenaline that always accompanied the challenge offered by a difficult client. She could hardly wait.

Chapter Five
    Kendra had always loved the Pneuma Complex. It was one of the most beautifully designed, environmentally friendly work spaces she had ever seen. She always felt as though she was walking in botanical gardens when she visited. The Pneuma Building housed Ellison Thorne’s cutting-edge company, Pneuma, Inc., the company Dee now helped him run. The Pneuma Annex provided office space for companies with a similar mind set to Pneuma Inc., as well as space for short-term rentals. The annex’s green, economical design was from the fabulous mind of Wade Crittenden, the creative force behind Pneuma Inc., which meant office space could be offered for less money than similar sites. It also meant those who leased offices in the annex enjoyed the PR boost that came from being in an environmentally friendly building.
    Sites in the Pneuma Annex were coveted and hard to come by, and Kendra was pleased that Tess Delaney had an office there. Though she was pretty sure the woman hardly ever occupied it. She was hoping today would be the exception. Certainly, if the desperation in Don Bachman’s emails and their discussion on the phone were any indication, she’d be meeting the woman in person.
    She did a quick touch-up of her make-up and hair in the restroom of the annex’s sunny atrium before she made her way to Tess Delaney’s office.
    The recessed door of Suite 3B reminded Kendra of a grotto hidden away in the thick foliage of ferns and strange vining plants. A brass plaque to the right of the door read Gary Rose in bold sans serif script. Kendra paused to straighten her jacket one last time, then she hoisted her

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