If I Forget You

If I Forget You by Michelle D. Argyle Read Free Book Online

Book: If I Forget You by Michelle D. Argyle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle D. Argyle
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
    “No to the first two questions, and I think so on the last.” Avery stood and walked to the closet so she could look through her clothes. Sexy or casually chill? She wasn’t sure if she had something that would work for both. She slid hangers across the rack. “I might go to a party tonight. If I can find anything to wear.”
    Her mom laughed. “Well, that didn’t take long! I was wondering when you’d throw yourself into the social scene.”
    “I wouldn’t exactly call this throwing myself into the social scene, Mom. It’s one party.”
    “That’s all it takes. It’s certainly more than you did your whole senior year after … you know …” Her breathing slowed and Avery figured she had stopped jogging. “Maybe wear that yellow dress? I know you packed it because I put it on the list.”
    Yeah, that fifteen-page list ,Avery thought with a grimace.
    “You know, that short one with the lace hem?” her mom continued. “It shows off your legs.”
    “Oh!” Avery reached it on the rack just as it was mentioned. “That’s perfect, yeah.”
    “It’s casual and sexy. Best of both worlds, right?”
    Avery pulled the dress off the hanger and held it up. “You just read my mind.”
    “Haven’t I always?”
    There was a long pause as Avery soaked in her words. It was true. Her mom had always read her mind. She probably even knew exactly how much Avery missed her and wasn’t saying anything out of respect.
    Swallowing a lump in her throat, Avery said, “Well, I gotta go shower. Love you, Mom.”
    There was an awkward pause. “Love you too.”

    Last Year
    When Avery and Tam climbed into Ryan’s car that October afternoon, Avery noticed the smell of spearmint heavy in the air. Ryan’s strong, unshaven jaw moved up and down as he worked at a piece of gum. “I’m Ryan,” he said as he watched Tam slide into the front seat.
    “Tam,” she said as she buckled her seatbelt and batted her eyelashes at him. “Do you go to Shadle? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”
    “Nope, I go to Rogers. You know,” he said to Tam with a twinkle in his chocolate brown eyes, “getting into a stranger’s car isn’t the smartest thing ever.” He gunned the engine and the car lurched forward. “I could take you anywhere I want now — do anything I want with you.”
    Tam, unfazed, laughed at the top of her lungs. “Oh, funny. Since you’re bringing that up, I don’t think we need to worry.”
    “Don’t we?” Avery asked as she let go of her seatbelt and gripped the strap of her bag. She looked back and forth between Tam and Ryan. Rain started pounding the windshield, big splats so hard they looked like squashed bugs as they broke across the glass.
    “Of course not,” Ryan laughed. “And look” — he pointed at the windshield — “I saved you two lovely ladies from getting drenched.”
    “Yes, you did!” Tam laughed, and glanced back at Avery. “Oh, sorry, Ryan, this is Avery.”
    He turned to the back seat, his eyes widening with recognition. Had he seen her before? She shifted across the seat, hoping he’d give her more of an indication that they knew each other. Instead, he gave her the once-over before catching her eyes and reeling her in like a hooked fish.
    She had to admit, he was attractive … in an odd sort of way. He had dimples in both cheeks when he smiled, nearly hidden by his dark brown, neatly-trimmed scruff. His short wavy hair matched his scruff and his eyes, but he had a crooked, almost flat nose and kind of a thick neck.
    “Hi, Avery,” he said with a nod.
    She gave him a watery smile, unsure how she should respond. Was she supposed to act like she knew him? Because she could have sworn she’d never seen him before in her life. “Thanks for saving us,” she said, trying not to stutter.
    “No problem. Where do you need to go?”
    “Just home,” Avery said, her mouth growing dry. “Over by Corbin Park.”
    “I know right where it is.”
    Tam was

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