In A Heartbeat (The Shameful Regret Series)

In A Heartbeat (The Shameful Regret Series) by Liz King Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: In A Heartbeat (The Shameful Regret Series) by Liz King Read Free Book Online
Authors: Liz King
nursing career at Mercy General, and his job as a mechanic while he waits on
Shameful Regret to make it big. We were seated in a corner booth; Connor slides
all the way around to sit directly beside me. His leg is constantly brushing
against mine, and I feel the same sparks running up my leg. The way he looks at
me tells me that he’s feeling it too.
    The muted light and Japanese motif in the restaurant help to
ease some of my jumbled nerves. The quiet music and the sound of the waterfall
fountain at the back add a calming vibe to the atmosphere.
    When we receive our entrees his eyes seem very focused on my
lips as I bring the chopsticks to my mouth, and I know I’m having a hard time
looking away from his delectable lips as well. This becomes even more of an
issue when our dessert is brought to the table. Connor ordered the caramel
cashew cheesecake.
    I can’t help the little moan that comes from me as I take my
first bite of the amazing cheesecake. I lick my lips and close my eyes. It is
probably the best thing that I have ever put in my mouth. When I open my eyes,
Connor is staring at me with his fork paused midway to his mouth. “If you keep
making noises like that, Sweetness, we won’t be making it to Silver, quite possibly
not even out of this booth, and your friends are gonna wonder where you are.”
His eyes have darkened to blazing emerald pools. I can feel the heat behind his
    Oh my! “Um, I’m sorry.” I mumble, quite embarrassed,
dropping my head down to stare at my lap again. I seem to be apologizing a lot
to him.
    “Do not ever apologize for making your pleasure known. I
hope to make you sound like that again very soon. Only next time, it will be me
you are tasting on your lips.” Connor whispers in my ear, his teeth grazing my
    Our waiter picks this time to check on us and see if we need
anything else. I jump at his intrusion, I am thankful for it and hate him at
the same time. I use this interruption to excuse myself to the ladies room. I
need a minute. I hear Connor laughing as I scurry out of the booth and down the
corridor. I don’t understand how this man can make me feel completely at ease
one second, and the next has my wits thoroughly scattered.
    When I come back to the table, Connor is finishing up paying
the bill and putting his wallet back in his jeans. He stands up and holds his
hand out for me to take. “Let’s get going, Sweetness, I have to help the guys
set up a little before the set.” Connor says leading me out of the restaurant.
    With our fingers laced together we walk down the sidewalk
heading towards Silver. My small hand fits perfectly in his large warm hand. It
feels so natural. It is only four or five blocks away, but I’m still grateful
that I wore my flats. I don’t even want to imagine how unsteady I’d be trying
to keep up with his long strides in heels. I look down at our hands, and notice
how big his are. Connor’s hand has completely engulfed mine. I’ve never felt
tiny before, but with Connor next to me, I actually feel petite.
    I was a little confused when Connor turned down an alley
just before I saw the entrance to Silver. “Where are we going? The door is up
there.” I point behind me as he continues to lead me.
    Connor chuckles. “Babe, we’re going in the back. I don’t
want to deal with the crowd right now, and I still want you to myself for a
little bit before your girls come and kidnap you.”
    He wants me all to himself for a while? This should make me
anxious, but it only fills my stomach with butterflies. I want to be alone with
him some more. I want to feel his lips on mine. I want to feel his arms around
me again. I look up at him nodding. I’m not sure I could form any coherent
words at this point.
    We enter into the back of the club and there aren’t a lot of
people walking around. The lights are down and I can hear the music thumping
from the front. It sounds like the DJ is playing a good mix. I continue to look

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