In A Heartbeat (The Shameful Regret Series)

In A Heartbeat (The Shameful Regret Series) by Liz King Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: In A Heartbeat (The Shameful Regret Series) by Liz King Read Free Book Online
Authors: Liz King
gives me a hug as well before leaving the elevator in front of us, and Connor
takes my hand again to escort me out to his car.
    I’m not really a car person, but I have to say, I love
Connor’s car! It is a 1987 black t-top Camero that looks to be in excellent
condition. Show me anything from the eighties and I’m in heaven. I’m often told
that I was born several years too late for some of my tastes. Connor opens my
door and helps me inside before walking around the front to the driver’s side.
I’m surprised his long legs can fit under the steering wheel, but he is so
graceful getting in.
    “So, a nurse, huh? Think you could take care of me in my
time of need?” he asks me when we pull onto the main drive winking at me.
    I turn my head to the side to look at him. He’s shaved his
stubble that he was sporting earlier. While I like the clean-shaven look, there
was something about him with a day’s worth of growth that made him look edgy
and sexy. “Yeah, I’ve been a nurse for three years now. Take care of you?
Sorry, but I’m off duty.” I say with a flirty wink.
    Connor lets out a deep chuckle and the sound just glides
over my ears. I could listen to his voice and laugh all night, then I remember
that he is going to be singing again later tonight at Silver, and a chill runs
down my spine just thinking about it. “Oh, really? We’ll just have to see about
getting you back on duty tonight.” He replies then reaches over to turn
the radio on for some background noise.
    Take My Breath Away by Berlin is on, and I start quietly
singing along. I can’t help myself. If a song that I know is playing anywhere
around me, I just start singing to myself or humming. Connor places his hand on
my thigh and I immediately tense a little and stop singing. He is very
touchy-feely with me.
    “Don’t stop singing on my account, Sweetness. You have a
beautiful voice.” Connor purrs and squeezes my leg. He notices my stiff posture
and asks, “Are you alright? You seem to be a bit jumpy sometimes.”
    I shake my head. “No, I’m fine. I’m just not really used to
this, you know. Like I said, I don’t date.” I’m suddenly feeling a little
embarrassed and self-conscious. I can feel my cheeks getting warm and red so I
duck my head down and study my hands in my lap.
    Connor looks at me from the corner of his eye while he is
concentrating on driving. “Why on earth don’t you date? You’re fucking
gorgeous.” He takes his hand off my knee and lifts my chin up. “Especially when
your cheeks get all pink like that.”
    This just makes my cheeks flame even more. I reach over and
turn the radio up so hopefully he will get the hint that I’m not great at small
    Connor turns the radio back down. “Lynae, seriously, why do
you seem so tense sometimes?   You did it
last night, and you’re doing it now. Am I doing something to make you
uncomfortable?” Connor obviously doesn’t get the hint. “The last thing I want
to do is upset you, Sweetness.”
    I sigh. He’s known me less than twenty-four hours and he can
already sense my unease. Maybe he’ll get sick of me and leave me alone after tonight.
I really hope he doesn’t. My heart seems to be coming alive for the first time
in a very long time. It’s time I let go of the past and move forward. “Connor,
I’m just not good in social situations. I get nervous and shy. You haven’t done
anything.” I’m great when it comes to dealing with my patients and coworkers, I
just don’t like being around incredibly sexy men that make me feel like I could
burst into flames at any given moment, and that is exactly how Connor makes me
    He just nods his head and
continues driving us to the restaurant. Connor also starts singing along to the
music on the radio. His voice is truly amazing. It’s deep and rich like velvet.
    Our dinner conversation stays on neutral subjects and the
two glasses of wine help to ease my jumbled nerves. Connor and I discuss

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